Online Reputation Management in Action

I've written about how squeaky-clean my online reputation is before. Unfortunately, Will's search results are a bit less impressive. While there's nothing negative there it's a bit cluttered. Time to change that!

Will Critchlow is obviously the well known search marketer and director of Distilled. Phew, one down.

It's a less known fact that Will Critchlow has a facebook page. 2 down!

Of course, it would be strange to talk about Will and reputation management without linking to his quote in the Sunday Times article.

Now that those are out of the way - a couple of cool web pages which feature Will are:

Rand's search engine ranking factors referenced "37 leaders in the world of organic search engine optimization" of which Will Critchlow is one!

Andy Beal's Marketing Pilgrim covered Reputation Monitor and mentioned Will a couple of times.

Hopefully that'll tidy things up a little bit! For anyone who was looking for real content, sorry! There'll be more of that soon :-)

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