One Hundred BILLION Links!

Just a quick post to say well done to everyone over at SEOmoz for their spectacular achievement of one million links (maybe one hundred billion can be the next target eh Rand?! Here’s a few more anyway ;-) )

##One Hundred Billion Links! Mwahahaha!

Rand with ONE Hundred Billion Links

Seriously though, good work guys! Keep em coming and here’s to the next million.

PS - We’ve been having a ball in the office trying to come up with these images, here’s a few that didn’t quite make the cut:

Rebecca with one HUNDRED BILLION links

Rand take three

rand take two

##Your costume is in the post

Rand, we even ordered you a Dr Evil costume it’ll be with you in a couple of days and we expect pictures of you wearing it on the blog (maybe even a whiteboard friday wearing it!?) If he doesn’t Rebecca - you know what to do!

##Send us your Rand/Dr Evil images!

Think you can do better?! Send us your attempts and we’ll update this post and link to them for you!

Update: We have our first entry:

Rand take four

This one comes courtesy of the guys over at NextStudent Loan Consolidation. They kind of broke the rules since we asked for you to upload the image yourself but since they did such a good job I let them off! (kind of puts our in-house efforts to shame!)

Update the 2nd, we have our second entry - this made me laugh a LOT (particularly Rebecca as mini-me!):

rand and rebecca being evil

These guys also didn’t follow the rules (please, we’d rather you hosted the images on your own server) but since the image is too funny for words I’ve uploaded anyway. This one comes courtesy of

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  1. So this is what you guys do all day across the pond? :P

    reply >
  2. Yeah. Never seen you goofing off ;)

    We're all hard at it over here.

    reply >
  3. Not all day Rebecca, sometimes I have naps too ;-)

    reply >
  4. Well Tom, a genius needs his rest, right? ;)

    And shut up Will, I work hard! Those captions don't instantly come to me, you know!

    reply >
  5. Yeah. Captioning. Tough job.

    Tom - your naps - is that when you claim to be 'on the phone' on skype...?

    reply >
  6. It's true, Will. Everyone here works incredibly hard all the time. I know. I sit around and watch 'em all day. (Between naps and bowling , that is.)

    reply >
  7. Nah - when it says I'm "on the phone" on skype that's when I'm having snacks. Don't usually change my status when I'm napping...

    I mean, erm, no will, I work very hard.

    reply >
  8. I guess the more successful you are the more time you have for play...great photoshop work, guys!

    reply >
  9. I always knew that they were evil.

    reply >
  10. "I always knew that they were evil."

    Yeah - don't quite know why you and Scott in particular escaped. I think someone decided we should be doing some real work :)

    reply >
  11. On the subject of millions. Did you see that Google now has a million servers?

    reply >
  12. Damn Google! - We have 5 servers and a broadband bill that is likely to run into the millions!

    reply >
  13. EEEeeeyikes, that mini-me entry is disturbing.

    reply >
  14. I think it's funny ;)

    reply >
  15. Great stuff Tom. And thanks for the kind email. :)

    Shine on,

    reply >

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