Negative press is unavoidable

When you put your name or your brand out into the limelight people will talk, and you won’t be able to control what they are saying.

There is an interview about to start on BBC Radio 2 about whether there is too much publicity around the disappearance of Madeline McCann .

I’m deliberately not going to get involved with the debate, but it struck me that there probably isn’t a more honest or less self promotional story than that of a missing 3 year old girl. Despite this, the BBC are questioning whether there is too much publicity surrounding the story.

My point is this. Even though the name in question is a 3 year old missing girl there is starting to be some negative press. Put yourself in the limelight, and people will talk. When people talk you can’t control the message - **but** by monitoring what is being said you have the option to respond.

Are you in the limelight? Can you risk missing negative news?

Duncan Morris

Duncan Morris

Duncan founded Distilled with Will in 2005. He built the, now defunct website CMS from the ground-up, and consulted for some of the company‚Äôs first clients. Today Duncan leads the management team and helps to steer...   read more

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