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This post (contrary to appearances) isn’t really written by me. Kinza Ahmed has been working with us over the summer as a marketing intern, helping behind the scenes in putting together the hugely successful first conference call among other things. We have greatly enjoyed having Kinza here at Distilled HQ. It’s fantastic to see a student who wants to learn about how the real world of business works - but I think the rest is best presented in her own words. Without further ado, here’s what Kinza sent me this morning (entirely without provocation - all her own idea). I hope you’ll join me in wishing her all the best with her studies and whatever she decides to do after that:

I applied to Distilled after seeing their advert online for a marketing intern. After studying their website, I knew that not only could I gain some invaluable experience but I would really enjoy my experience here. It has become common knowledge now that being qualified on paper is not always enough to secure a job in your desired field, so getting some “real life” industry experience has becoming increasingly necessary. This was one of the reasons I was eager to get some experience. Furthermore, as an undergraduate student I wanted to be really sure that this was definitely the career for me and thus shape the rest of my degree accordingly. So having the opportunity to work in a company that consistently smashes their targets not only looks great on the CV but motivates me to progress so I too can achieve my goals.

I came down to London from Nottingham (where I am studying for my degree) especially for the interview. I felt increasingly anxious on my journey down. I had prepared for the interview and had done my research on the company- but what if they asked me something I couldn’t answer? What if they rejected me there and then? Completely irrational thoughts were distorting through my mind as I walked from the station to the offices. I decided to compose myself, enter the building and make my way up to Distilled’s floor. I was greeted by Will who was sitting on the sofas in the reception area having a meeting with another member of the team. My initial apprehension quickly vanished as I entered the calming atmosphere of the office. My first impression of the office was: ‘funky’! The office had a professional yet laid back aura that was distinct from the rest of London’s hubbub that I had left outside the door.

The interview went well. The questions were direct, straightforward and I was impressed by Distilled’s focus on what I wanted to gain from this experience. They gave me a chance to talk about what interested me and somewhat tailor my interning experience if I was selected. To my delight, I got a phone call from Sarah on the very day I received my exam results for my first year, saying that it was a pleasure to meet with me and that they would like to offer me the marketing internship. Yippee!

During my time at Distilled, I had specific projects I was working on (as well as a number of general duties) involving all types of marketing- including internet marketing – something that I was yet to learn about expressly in my academics. Off the back of this, I got to explore the different roles in the Web Development team and how all the different aspects of the company interact to create an all round, great project. Consequently, working as a Distilled marketing intern opened my eyes to the other roles that are available and how they integrate. I have learnt so much more in addition to the new marketing knowledge I have acquired. I will take back new found information in Sales, Accounting, Economics and Business Psychology and will definitely implement this information in the rest of my degree, which will of no doubt be to my benefit.

It’s clear to see that Distilled gives their interns the time and space to explore their own capabilities whilst keeping a close eye and offering continual support. The experience was unquestionably a success for me, so a big thanks to the Distilled team!

Will Critchlow

Will Critchlow

Will founded Distilled with Duncan in 2005. Since then, he has consulted with some of the world’s largest organisations and most famous websites, spoken at most major industry events and regularly appeared in local and national press. Will is part...   read more

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  1. Great to have you around Kinza and thanks for all the work. The help you've put into the conference calls will hopefully leave a lasting legacy as we continue to run them and expand the audience for them!

    I hope you enjoy your studies, it'd be interesting to see how much internet marketing you get taught academically!

    All the best


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  2. Glad to hear her have a great time and gain invaluable experience from one of the best seo consultancy in UK. And also I am happy she is from university of nottingham (where i came from) :D

    I did remember I applied a role in distill as well, can't remember whether it is this one or not,but unfortunately got rejected lol.

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  3. Good for you Kinza. I'm doing an internship at the moment too, it's really great experience. Do you think you'll stay in the online world when you graduate?

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  4. Great write-up, Kinza. You're sure to be miles ahead of your classmates, having learned real-world skills from a team of experts like Distilled. Best of luck.

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  5. Wow - this gives me a slight twinge of shame about my own lack of aims at uni!

    I've been looking into how much digital marketing is creeping into academia (not much from the looks of it) and it's great to see someone taking the bull by it's mighty horns and getting stuck in. You couldn't really have picked a better place!

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  6. Parmdeep Puri

    Great achievment Kinbo - it is a norm to see 1st year students being drawn into indulgences such as excessive drinking, heavy partying and overall lack of motivation!

    A great inspiration for me - as said by 'stuartpturner', to 'take the bull by it’s mighty horns and get stuck in'

    Best of Luck.

    Johnny Singh

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  7. Kinza Ahmed

    Thanks for all your kind and encouraging words; Tom, David, Stuart and Johnny, it is much appreciated and deeply valued. I definitely hope to see more internet marketing in my studies. Seeing as I start my second year at the end of this month, I shall soon be finding out! I'll be sure to let you know what I find.

    Aggie, in response to your question about staying in the online world once I graduate: I feel as though I came into the experience having known pretty much nothing about it and now, after catching a glimpse of just how big the online world is, I feel as though it is hard to ignore and can be implemented in so many areas. Best of luck for the rest of your internship.

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  8. Yeah I'm much the same, I didn't really know much about the online side of things and came into this internship primarily from a PR perspective, but the online world is huge so impossible to ignore. Lots and lots of fun though :)

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  9. Tbh I'm surprised you didn't pick up a bot of poker and/or chess while you were there as well Kinza!

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  10. *bit - I can't spell :P

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