Launching #askdistilled - our answers to your questions

The Distilled offices are interesting places to spend some time. With the continual flow of ideas around current client issues, slick visualisation of complicated data sets from the creative team or constant heated debates on the future of the industry, even a little time spent in this company will leave you with a buzz. It is true I write this as the Marketing Manager for Distilled, but I also write it from the view of an "outsider". I'm not based in the offices themselves and only dip in every month for a week or so, something which affords me a bit of perspective (I would hope) on the whole matter.

One of the ways we've looked to differentiate ourselves as a company has been around the sharing of our knowledge. Whether it's through helping everyone with advice when Google drops another update on us all, or building a set of leading industry Conferences or our soon-to-be-launched online training platform DistilledU. It's the comprehensive knowledge of our team that sets us apart, and we firmly believe in the philosophy of sharing and discussing it with others to enable both ourselves and the industry to grow and get better.

So it's in that vein that I am excited to announce our new campaign:

Over the next few weeks we're going to be giving you the opportunity to pick the brains of our consultants with your questions and problems on particular topics. We'll be hosting these discussions on our G+ page, and the topics themselves are based around the upcoming sessions at SearchLove San Francisco (pro-tip: tickets are on sale now).

The format will be as follows:

  1. On Tuesday we'll announce the topic for that week to be discussed on our G+ page
  2. You can either post your questions in the stream that day or email them to Get them in by the end of play Tuesday.
  3. On Wednesday we'll record a video of our consultants directly responding to your questions with their advice.
  4. We'll post the video on Thursday to our page for you to enjoy.
It's that simple! The topics and schedules are as follows:
  • Tuesday 22nd May -  Challenges of Ecommerce SEO
  • Tuesday 29th May -   Challenges of effective outreach for linkbuilding
  • Tuesday 5th June -    Challenges of being agile with SEO
  • Tuesday 12th June -  Challenges with content and the creative process
So get your questions ready, we'll be launching the first round this week, remember you can either post them in the G+ comments under the title or email us at

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