I’ve been nominated as a social media ninja - please help me by voting!

Happy new year everybody! Welcome back to the Distilled blog after our festive break :-)

We're all working really hard over here and clearing out emails and trying to adjust to not eating turkey anymore so I'll keep this post nice and short for you:

I have been nominated as a Social Media Ninja and would dearly love your votes to help me win such a prestigious award (great idea btw guys! Hopefully this will become an annual thing). All you have to do is head on over here and leave a comment expressing your love for your favourite social media ninja (only if it's me though).

Obviously most of my social media ninja skills go on under the radar (don't all the best ones ;-) ) but if you need proof of my ninja skills you can read my entry for the contest. And lest I remind you of this post, way back in November all about ninjas AND social media!

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