Is The New Media Agency Model Broken?

I love the internet marketing industry. It's so open and full of love. To that end - this post is all about promoting the blog of my former company Bloom Media.

Now obviously I'm biased since I'm still friends with the guys but although their blog is less than a week old they've already put out some great content.

Firstly, Alex (the MD) has written a fascinating piece about how the agency model for implementing web strategies is broken:

I think the problem we face is a consequence of the fact that our industry is still young and consequently there is a gulf in understanding this between the maturing leaders of digital agencies (such as myself) who are now experienced enough to understand business, and the leaders of our clients’ organisations who cut their teeth in business in a totally different age...

... We find ourselves increasingly looking for new ways in which to approach clients to try to drive this change within their organisation and often that means looking beyond the fee based model to payment on results/commission based structures linked to a win-win. Essentially this is a cock-on-the-block gesture from us to the client to show them we really believe in what we are pitching, and this is what it takes to convince them we are worth listening to. If they engage with this approach then we have a platform for a true partnership and can insist on measures such as board/senior exec representation.

While the payment-on-results model has been around for some time it's interesting to think how this applies to large enterprise clients and how when you're talking about enough money (which some of these contracts are) the next logical step is for board/senior exec representation for someone from the web agency. If you're interested you should read the full post here: time for a new agency model

Not content with one good post though, Ketan has already written a killer post on email marketing and in particular I think this flow chart/timeline (warning: PDF) is definitely worth your time.

In short - I think you should subscribe to their blog, they're fun guys and smart cookies to boot!

Welcome to the social media age guys :-)

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