Introducing Distilled Team Building, Web 2.0 Style

Phew - things have been hectic here in the Distilled offices. The team has now grown to 9 (check out the new team pics) and we've got a great team. The office is lively and we've already had a few fun evenings in the pub as a company.

Not content with that though the powers that be (read: Will and Duncan) have decided it's about time for us to have a team building day. My idea to go and watch Indiana Jones as a company got overruled and instead we're going to use this Thursday to build a project from scratch.

##We're Building PPC Tools

So after some brainstorming and a few discarded ideas we settled on building a set of PPC tools into the Distilled site. Why? Well:

  1. There's a gap in the market for small business PPC tools
  2. We run a fair amount of PPC campaigns here and they'll make our job easier
  3. We'd like to be able to give something back to the community

##Why do you care?

Because you'll get some free* PPC tools out of it which will be live on the Distilled site and available to use on your own PPC accounts and because we'll be making it a fun day with live updates via twitter, blogging and there might even be a BBQ (ok, that's not a reason for you to care but I'm pretty excited about it!)

*- the tools will be free for a little while at least. Perhaps not forever!

So get ready, we'll be kicking off early on Thursday and making a fair amount of noise about it.

Lastly if you're currently managing PPC accounts and have a burning need for a tool to make your life better drop us a line or leave a comment below with your idea and you never know you might see it built on Thursday!

If you want to keep in touch on the day we'll be blogging and livetwitting the event so you can all follow along at home :-)

Since this will most likely be a regular event, if anyone has any ideas for a better name than "team building 2.0 style" then let me know and we'll send you a cookie in the post.

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