Introduce us to someone awesome and get a helicopter.

Today we are putting our money where our mouth is and giving you a chance to win goodies for introducing us to someone awesome.

Fricking Helicopter

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As you’ll no doubt be aware we are always looking to hire awesome SEO consultants. Finding, hiring and training consultants is absolutely critical to ensure we are constantly improving what we offer to our clients, and is key to keeping everyone at Distilled on their toes and learning.

We are aiming to build an environment that is the best place for the best people to work. We aren’t there yet, but we like to set ourselves lofty goals and we are constantly looking for ways to make this goal come true.

We are looking for super smart, super awesome people who instantly get on with everyone. SEO experience isn’t a requirement, but proof of being super smart with an uncanny knack of getting shit done is.

If you know anyone who would be a great fit at Distilled then put them in touch with us. If we offer them a job it will be an absolute pleasure to send you one of the following as a thank you.

- Quadricopter - Yeah, its a fricking helicopter you can fly inside. If you happen to be a computer you can fly it through windows and through a hoop someone has thrown in the air. If, it happens that you aren’t a computer odds are you’ll just crash into everything, but you’ll have fun trying. - 2 Free tickets to any Distilled conference. We have announced dates for our London and New Orleans Linkbuilding seminar and also our next Pro Seminar in Boston. - iPad. Everyone loves a new gadget and everyone except Tom loves apple, right? - Cash - if you’ve already got a helicopter, can’t make our conferences and have or hate an iPad, then we’ll happily meet you in a park and surreptitiously swap a briefcase loaded with £500 / $750 cash for an identical yet empty briefcase. Much more likely, but much less interesting we’ll simply do a bank transfer, yawn.

##How does this work.

Simple. You speak to anyone you think Distilled should hire and tell them about our job ad. Ask them to mention your name and contact details when we ask how they heard about the role. If they get the job, we’ll happily hand over your reward.

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