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In contrast to many of the programs that we hear coming out of government and thinktanks about inspiring more young people to be entrepreneurs, I stumbled across a Business Week article about their 'Best Young Entrepreneurs' awards (sadly, we're too old for BW to be interested in us, even if we were US-based and interesting enough - their definition of 'young' is 'under 25'!). This is a great example of young entrepreneurs inspiring the rest of us.

Sure, many of them only just qualify as entrepreneurs (running what appear to be lifestyle businesses) but many of them are having real success already and it doesn't take much imagination to think about where they might be in just a few years' time.

As well as showing us their 2007 shortlist, BW have also caught up with all but one of the people on last year's list: Best Entrepreneurs, class of '06 today.

One from last year particularly caught my eye (because I have been reading his blog) is Ben Casnocha.

Anyway, have a dig through - there are some amazing success stories.

[Update: I meant to write that the one thing I would like to see more of from the BW format is more consistent financial information about the businesses they are profiling. Some have quite detailed information - revenue and profit for this year alongside projections while others only talk about 'per-item' financials (e.g. "each event brings in about $2,000") and others hardly mention the financials at all. While money isn't everything, it does give a good idea of scale of a business and I think it would greatly improve the format.]

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