In-depth SEO Q&A Discussion

Back in August (feels like an age ago) I met up with Dave Cain of Nottingham SEO company Angel SEO to record a long Q&A discussion on all kinds of SEO topics. Dave has split the video up into sections and is publishing them on his blog. The most up to date place to view them is the SEO Q&As page.

Here are the first three:

In the first part (1 of 6) we chatted about what customers should expect from an SEO company and why companies should be interested in search engine reputation management.

In the second part (2 of 6) we moved on to social media - specifically Facebook and Twitter

Finally (for now) (part 3 of 6) we talked about the trade-offs between different forms of marketing - the differences between expenses and investments and the different timescales of return for different channels.

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