I read Marketing Pilgrim because...

Andy wants to know why I read Marketing Pilgrim. OK. Not just why I read it, but why any of us read it...

I read MP for the following main reasons (in no particular order):

- Along with Search Engine Land (whose daily digest I subscribe to), MP gives me a fair bit of confidence that I will catch anything really important going on in our industry (see below for my daily reading) - I like the tone and style of Andy's writing as well as his contributors' - Andy published one of our articles what seems like ages ago - Andy dropped into Distilled HQ when he was in the UK earlier in the year to do some consulting work for us and I like to keep up with people I have met in real life! - Every so often, Andy does things like give away money for writing stuff like this (kidding - that falls very low on my motivation for reading - I think the hourly wage would kinda suck!)

I have a lot of blogs in my feed reader, but I'm not religious about keeping up with them. When I am very busy (which seems to be all the time, these days, in a good way) I try to make certain that I keep up with the SEL digest (because it tells me all the news), SEOmoz (because I enjoy the mozzers' writing and perspective, I like them and because I enjoy the community and commenting there) and Marketing Pilgrim (because, well, see above). Oh, and Scott Adams' blog - the creator of Dilbert (because it's brilliant - seriously, go and subscribe now).

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