Halloween Memes: Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns for the Internet Generation

This time last year, I shared some ideas for Halloween costumes for search marketers. This year I wanted to take a look at some Halloween pumpkin carving ideas that will appeal to internet geeks & video gamers - with some internet memes thrown in for good measure.

Ninjas vs. Pirates

This ninja (by eedummer) is poised and ready for action.

Meanwhile, this pirate pumpkin (by CayUSA) looks pretty mean. I make a point never to argue with anyone that has an eye-patch and two cutlasses.

Robots vs. Zombies

Robots and Zombies are mortal enemies right? Both brain dead and neither one is able to love.

Robot Pumpkin

OK, except this guy. He's totally adorable. (Brought to life by Erin from Tall and Small Photography.)

Zombie Pumpkin

Actually, this zombie looks kind of friendly too. Though I think I prefer him at the business end of a rifle. (By Andrew Larimer)

LOL Cat Pumkin

What could be a more famous internet meme than our beloved LOLCats to immortalize in pumpkin form? (By Tane at TachyonLabs)

LOL Cat Pumkin

Rick Roll Pumpkin

There's an interesting discourse on the origins of this particular Jack o' Lantern here. (Carved by the very creative web team at eChronicles)

The face of Rick Astley, on a pumpkin

Antoine Dodson Pumpkin

It seems that everybody who can get their hands on a red bandanna will be wearing a 'bed intruder costume' this year - but here's something even better - the superhero himself in pumpkin form. (Skillfully scraped by Michelle C Lim)

Antoine Dodson Bed Intruder Pumpkin

Snookie Pumpkin

This was pretty inspired: Snookie (from the trashy TV show 'Jersey Shore') has become an internet hit in her own right this year - and a pumpkin is the perfect way to capture her unique skin color. (Created by Alexa at Swell Designer)

Snooki Pumpkin - It's a Jersey Thing.

Twitter Pumpin

To be honest, I've not seen very much of the Fail Whale in the last few months - but here he is in pumpkin form (intricately carved by Scott B.)

Twitter Fail Whale Pumpkin

Reddit Alien Pumpkin

In 2008, Digg had a Halloween party, and one person decided to carve... the Reddit Alien! (Whose name, we recently learned, is probably 'Snoo') Photo by Mark Trammell.

Reddit Alien Pumpkin

Digg Pumpkin

All right, all right; someone did carve Digg's logo at the same party. (Photo by Ben)

Google Pumpkin

This is awesome - a vegetable that's looking for itself. Very meta. (By Loic Le Meur, the founder of Seesmic)

Android Pumpkin

Talking of Google, here's Droid: captured in lantern form by David Watson.

Android Pumpkin

iPhone Pumpkin

I'm not saying that technology is making us lazy... but I am saying that this is an awesome shortcut. (Via Anthony D.)

iPhone Pumpkin

Windows 7 Pumpkin

I think this lantern really shows off Windows 7's Aero features. (By Alex)

Windows 7 Pumpkin

Linux Pumpkin

If we mention Windows, it's only fair that Tux gets a pumpkin as well. Plus - he's a much cuter mascot that anything Microsoft has. (Don't you dare say Clippy.) By robby-t.

Apple Pumpkin

It's twice the price of the Windows pumpkin, but it's much easier to use, and it takes no time at all to set up. (By Patrick Dukes)

Apple Mac Pumpkin

Firefox Pumpkin

This was the first pumpkin that Eugene ever carved. I think it came out pretty well.

Firefox Pumpkin

CSS Pumpkin

Here's one for the front-end developers amongst you. This looks pretty good -  except in IE, I presume. (by MauriceSvay)

CSS Pumpkin

Hypnotoad Pumpkin

You may recognize it as an occasional character on Futurama, or may have come across the meme online - but there's no denying thaALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD (and McGalio)

Hypnotoad Pumpkin

Portal Pumpkins

Portal's an awesome game, but when people are quoting "The cake is a lie' without having played it, you know it's acquired meme status. (Logo by Volpin, companion cube JimboJW.)

Portal Logo PumpkinCompanion Cube Pumpkin


Mario and Bowser Pumpkins

Talking of gaming classics, these guys were trendy before the internet was around. (Posted on Dorkly)

Mario and Bowser Pumpkin

Angry Birds Pumpkin

The Angry Birds game is like a bad relationship; you should probably stop, but it's so much fun. (Incredible carving work by Mario Losasso.)

Angry Birds Pumpkin

Pac Man Pumpkin

It turns out that 8-bit games make great designs for pumpkins.... (via Cracker and Chese)

Pacman Pumpkin

Tetris Pumpkin

... see? I wasn't joking at 8-bit games. This is just one of the many awesome Jack-o-Lanterns with a Tetris theme. (via Liberty and Vigilance)

Tetris Pumpkin

Star Wars Pumpkins

There are loads of great pumpkins from the light side, as well as the dark side. Here's one worth showing off, just because it must have taken so long to create. (Via Frenchie B.)

Star Wars - Death Star Pumpkin

Smiley Pumpkin

The smiley face emoticon was first proposed for online use 28 years ago last month. I know, right? (Pumpkin by Neal Gillis.)

Emoticon Smiley Face Pumpkin

C-C-C-Combo Pumpkins

The head geeks of the ThinkGeek blog - and their creative readers - designed the following batch of geeky pumpkins for a competition last year - with the USS Enterprise winning the main prize. This is an incredible amount of geekery in one picture; they should be proud.

Star Trek Pumpkin and other ThinkGeek winners

That's all for this year - normal SEO and internet marketing blogging will resume shortly. :)



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