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We all love great content. We love talking great content. Not only that but we like to ship great content too. And not just something that will rank for keywords, but a piece that will be remarkable. We should care about content marketing. We should understand how it works, how brands produce content and what innovation looks like.

In light of this, we are now looking to celebrate and share all the awesome content that we love, externally with you guys too. We’re going to be taking examples of what we‘re talking about here at Distilled so that we can show off exactly what we mean by “do great content.”

After all, as a curious Distilled man once said,

"In fact, the difference between good content and bad content is not that big. Truly, the only thing that really gets rewarded is remarkable content."

Tom Critchlow


Crush On You

We launched the #contentcrush hashtag on Twitter last week with our first kudos went out to the BetaBrand’s Think Tank; an amazing example of engaging with your audience and the agile manifesto which we also champion here at Distilled. Through the Think Tank, Beta Brand brings their community into the product development process, before they’ve even been created. Now, that’s certainly an agile mindset.

Through the #contentcrush,  we want to stimulate the conversations, celebrations and sharing of examples of great content online - not just our own thoughts but yours too!  This blog post isn’t here to go through the content strategies of any of these companies we’re applauding [that will come later] but to act as  a way of announcing the #contentcrush brand and that we want to hear from you.  


Celebrate Good Times [and content]

In order for us to be able to start crafting this resource of inspirational and remarkable content finds, we want to hear from you guys on our social channels! Do you have an example of someone doing great online content? Why not share it with us using the #contentcrush and we’ll shout about it too! 

Content marketing is undergoing massive growth right now and we’re seeing a change with how businesses are having to adapt to this change. There is a need for companies to work to produce truly, original and inspiring content. Tom Critchlow talked about this in a blog post a while back now and it’s easy to see the value of creating all this top stuff too:

Here at Distilled, we want to champion this. If somebody is doing something different and doing it well - whether it’s a natty infographic on their site or some awesome dataviz you saw on the way to work, why not let it slip...

Go on, share your content crush with us.


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