DistilledU is going free...

DistilledU virtual open day, 8th March

...for a day, at least!

On Wednesday 8th May, we are giving you free access to all text, interactive modules as well as over 80 hours of HD video content in our online training platform. If you’re already a DistilledU trial or paid member- all you need to do is log into DistilledU account and [for that day only] you will have full access to the whole system. Not currently signed up to the training platform? Sign up for a free account in advance of the event over here.

As well as exclusive access to all the DistilledU modules, you can also ask us anything throughout the day on inbound or join us on the hangout on air:

  • Will Critchlow will be on a G+ Hangout live on air at 4pm UK time [8am PST, 11am EST] If you have any questions you’d like to put forward to him, you can do so via Moderator.

  • We’ll be running a Distilled AMA on the same day from 2PM UK time. For an idea of what to expect or to get you thinking about what you might like to ask, you can check out the one that Rand held over on Inbound.

With all this going on, where should you start on the day?

DistilledU tutors

  • New paid modules: We’ve just launched a few new modules on site including our international SEO module which talks you through the importance of global search strategies and how they can benefit your business. You’ll also find the recent ‘consulting skills’ module covering lessons that we’ve learned building Distilled since 2005, and teaches you the skills that will help you get things done; whether you are a consultant or in-house.
  • Advanced video content: In case you didn’t see the advert, there’s now over 80 hours of HD video footage available to stream when you are a paid member within DistilledU. Plus, our team have been busy editing those final LinkLove videos so our most recent conference footage will also be included, for even more actionable tips and learning material on the day.
We’ve love for you to come and try out DistilledU for yourself. Sign up for your free trial in advance now to join us for the virtual open day in a few weeks time and head over to the G+ event to register your place for the Hangout on air.

Cheri Percy

Cheri Percy

Cheri joined Distilled as a community intern and now heads up the Marketing department in the London office. She has co-ordinated and project managed some of Distilled's biggest content pieces to date and has doubled its social media growth.  When...   read more

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  1. Hey guys,

    Just to let you know, the banner image says Friday 8th May instead of Wednesday :)

    reply >
  2. Why? only that day? special day? birthday?


    Are you going to kill your bandwidth ? lol

    Beside am happy to see that.. I will be there.

    reply >
  3. Birthday? Anniversary? :) In any case thank you!

    reply >
  4. Excellent! So this is your latest link bait. ;)

    reply >
  5. Great to Know, I will there to get the full benefit of it.

    reply >
  6. That's great, thanks Distilled, be great to see what is on offer, and to see what the training is like.


    reply >
  7. Free video of the month has always been amazing. Access to all such amazing videos for free? Think am gonna need a day off work, phew !!!

    Jokes apart, this is an excellent initiative. One that I'd like to mention on my resume - "Attended DistilledU Advanced SEO Training" ;)

    reply >

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