DistilledLive Seattle | e-Commerce in 2013

With record numbers in online shopping at the end of 2012 and e-commerce experiences only set to improve in 2013, it seemed rather fitting to centre the next #DistilledLive video around such a hot topic. In this third edition, Distilled’s Seattle consultants, Mike Pantoliano and Geoff Kenyon advise you on where to focus your efforts in the coming months as well as those brands already doing it well.

In this video, we take a look at the following topics:
  • The importance of building a brand for E-commerce sites
As Google continues to roll out more updates, there is now more importance than ever placed on rewarding brands; Mike and Geoff talk through the relevance of building brand anchors for the long term and how this can work towards building a brand that Google see’s as trustworthy.
  • Why you should be investing in design and copy writing
What areas of your site should you be investing time into? How important is unique content when it comes to e-commerce sites and what role will site speed play in Google’s signals this year ?
  • Creating educational resource outlets 
So, you want to allow users to enter your site at the top of the funnel and appear as a sense of authority on your subject? We guide you through some examples of businesses doing this well as well as some small steps eCommerce sites should be making to reach out to people with engaging and valuable content.

As always, we’d love any feedback you may have - get involved in the debate over on Twitter and, in the meantime, we’ll get planning the next!


Cheri Percy

Cheri Percy

Cheri joined Distilled as a community intern and now heads up the Marketing department in the London office. She has co-ordinated and project managed some of Distilled's biggest content pieces to date and has doubled its social media growth.  When...   read more

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  1. Tim


    Good content but you look bored. Making videos is just like making a good website. Consider the audience and deliver a good experience.

    Look forward to the next one.


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