Distilled Team Building Mission Accomplished

This is the final post of what has been a very long day, it started at 7.30am and it's now 8pm as I'm writing this so over 12 hours today! (Admittedly with a long lunch for BBQ and cricket in the middle). Check out photos from the day over on flickr.

To recap what we've done today:

- Published a crap load of blog posts - Coded the back end of 2 and a bit tools - Designed and wrote copy for a new section for the Distilled site - Wrote at least one other blog post which is waiting to go live - Organised a kick ass competition

So we're not putting everything live however we've pulled out the stops (just 20 mins ago it didn't look like this was going to happen) we are proud to announce the launch of...

##404 Checker

Woop! Check it out at the new PPC Tools Page or directly on the 404 checker page. BOO - the tool is no longer alive! 

Sure there's a few bugs that need ironing out but you can sign up through the form on the right hand side of the page.

Note that because of Google's API fun and games, we have to request API access and you have to grant it before the tool can actually run. Since we're now going to the pub, this isn't going to happen till tomorrow, so you can have a look and gawp and gaze, but can't actually play until later... Sorry about that. You can sign up though!

The rest of the tools and the competition (which we're pretty excited about) will be following shortly (probably early next week) so stay tuned!

All in all we're really happy with what we've done today and have achieved a lot so congratulations to the team, Duncan and Andy in particular who have worked their socks off!

Thanks to everyone who followed along on twitter, on flickr and on the blog. You've been very helpful and stay tuned for the rest of today's work going live over the next few days.

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