Distilled Summer Hours

In our effort to continue to make Distilled a great and productive place to work, we have decided to trial a summer hours scheme. The summer hours scheme is a form of flexible working time that is currently offered at a number of agencies and large corporations across the UK and the US. For example, Kellogg’s have run a similar scheme for more than 6 years and have seen a great success from it.

Distilled has decided to try out our first summer hours scheme for 8 weeks, from 9 July to 27 August.

The basic equation:

An extra 45 min of work Monday – Thursday =

½ day on Friday (afternoons off)


What this means to clients:

We’ll still be working the same numbers of hours each week, and we are still as dedicated as ever to meeting all deadlines and project objectives. The summer hours scheme is optional, is a privilege for our team and will not get in the way of our service or dedication to our clients.

The only real difference will be that our offices will be shut from 1pm on Fridays.


What this Means to Distilled:

We strongly believe in a work-life balance, and we feel that this will help us to keep up office morale, encourage strong time management and lead to an overall decrease in stress across the team. We are giving everyone the choice to opt in or out of the scheme, and we have made it very clear that this is just a trial to see how things work.


All in all, we are very excited about the possibilities that come with flexible working hours. We will carefully manage its effect on our utilisation of resources, and we expect some very positive returns.

We welcome all feedback from clients, and we would be more than happy to discuss this with you further should you have any questions or concerns.


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