Introducing Distilled NYC

Distilled NYC is open for business! Allow me to take you on a trip around the office and introduce you to the full team.

Distilled NYC is currently based in Techspace NYC Union Square. Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure (click each to enlarge):

Image Credit: Techspace

Tom Critchlow

Tom CritchlowTom is responsible for running the ever-growing New York SEO team, which includes improving processes, giving training and general support to all SEO projects within Distilled. Sometimes he even manages to get his hands dirty and work hands-on with projects.

Tom is also a Distilled evangelist, speaking at conferences all over the world, blogging all over the world and generally wearing his Distilled hoodie at every opportunity. Interests relevant to working in SEO include a deep rooted passion for Excel, a perverse joy in link building and fascination with analytics. Tom is a Google Analytics Certified Professional. He  comes directly to New York from a three-month in-house SEO stint with SEOmoz.

In his spare time Tom is usually found studying for an MA with the Open University, training in Wing Chun with Austin Goh or learning to play the piano. Other interests include; poker, board games, books, music, cooking, chess and juggling.

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Stephanie Chang

Stephanie ChangStephanie joins Distilled after working for a year as an SEO and social media analyst at a small digital advertising agency in New York City.

A graduate of UCLA in 2008, she double majored in Neuroscience and History and ran the nation's largest student-run, student-initiated community service program.  Shortly after graduation, she moved to New York City and joined the NYC Teaching Fellows program, where she taught middle school science in the Bronx for a year.  It was during this time, while helping a friend expand her family business over the internet, that she gained her first exposure to SEO.

In her spare time, she enjoys dining out with friends, learning to cook, watching documentaries, and catching up on science news.

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Julianne Staino

Julianne StainoBefore joining Distilled Julianne worked for a Multicultural Advertising Agency where she soon discovered (and fell in love with..geeky, I know) SEO. For the next year she focused mainly on on-page optimization and site audits. With a background in Psychology and Media & Society from a small liberal arts school (Hobart and William Smith Colleges) she is looking forward to learning A LOT!

Julianne loves: The color yellow, spicy food, run/bike/swimming (Marathons & Triathlons), rainy days & show tunes.

She hates: peas.

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John Doherty

John DohertyJohn comes to Distilled after working as an in-house SEO with a small marketing firm in Center City, Philadelphia. Before moving to Philadelphia, he lived in Switzerland for an extended amount of time, where he ran a small book publishing company.

A graduate of James Madison University in 2007, John majored in Technical Writing with a concentration in web development. He first cut his teeth on SEO working for a software company immediately after college, and gained more experience in design and marketing while running Destinée Media.

In his spare time, John enjoys shooting lifestyle and travel photography, blogging on his website, extreme skiing, longboarding, rock climbing, reading, and getting to know his new home of New York.

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Ron Garrett

Ron GarrettRon joins the Distilled team as a seasoned sales executive. He has spent a majority of his career focused on connecting his technical ability, with his passion for people and the Internet. Taking great pride in the work he does and the relationships he builds, he truly enjoys being part of a collective effort. With over six years of consulting and sales experience, this Southern California native is a great addition to our team.

When he isn’t busy here at Distilled, Ron loves getting involved in the community and technology scene.  Constantly pushing himself to learn new things, he works diligently to deliver high quality results to clients and peers alike.  Whether enjoying music, watching movies or getting together with friends over dinner and drinks, his passion for life and work truly shows.

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Where We're Located

If you're based in New York City, feel free to come by our offices and visit! We're located in Techspace Union Square.

A few more bits

If you're located in the New York area and are interested in working together, please get in touch.

Finally, we're running a ProSEO conference in New York City this fall on October 31 and November 1. You can sign up to receive an email when tickets go on sale.

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