Distilled NYC Is Hiring - Refer Us Someone Awesome and Win A Sphero

So our New York office has been up and running for almost 6 months now. How time flies when you're having fun!

Things have been going exceptionally well here in NYC and I'm very proud of the team. But as we look into 2012 and realize that our pipeline is already filling up for January and February naturally I start to think about growth. How quickly should we grow the NYC office? How much growth do we have the cash for? Why does the competitive side of my personality get upset that I run the smallest Distilled office?

We're a people business here at Distilled, and the people that work here are amazing. Which means that hiring the right people is literally the most important thing I can do. Nothing else even comes close to being that important in my day to day role.

This means that the only time we grow is when growing will make us better, not just bigger.

Distilled NYC is Looking For Exceptional SEO Consultants

We think differently at Distilled. The work we do is not humdrum, it's challenging and exciting. That requires that the people we hire are exceptional individuals. I wrote a post a little while ago about Good to Great 4 Years Later which included this list of reasons I work at Distilled:

  • Not your average 9-5 job. Flexible hours, flexible work code. Meme training as standard.

  • Challenges every day. You’re expected and required to excel at your role. Whatever that might be.

  • Opportunity. We are a well known brand in the industry, host our own conferences and blog all over the place but there are also internal opportunities arising every day for people to take ownership of.

  • We are Distilled. The company is shaped by every single employee. Everyone’s voice is important and listened to.

  • Culture. I get to work with my friends.

Right now the best way we can grow better in NYC is to take on someone with a bit of experience, not just in SEO but also in client management and business thinking. In return here are some of the perks we offer:

  • Competitive salary

  • Beer o clock on Fridays

  • Summer hours in summer

  • More vacation days than all your friends

Help Us Find Someone And We'll Give You A Sphero!

Unfortunately we're pretty unknown here in NYC so I thought it would be useful to add a little motivation to help people spread the word about the role so we're offering a free Sphero to anyone who refers us a successful applicant:

Part robot ball, part rolling quadrocopter, android and iphone enabled this is basically the coolest thing ever. And we'll give you one for free if you can help us find our next SEO hire in the NYC office :)

Rules: There are very few rules here, the sphero is currently on pre-order so we can't ship you one just yet but hopefully they'll be out by the time we hire someone. Enter by getting your applicant to mention you when they apply. Please play nicely and any manipulation of the rules will result in eternal loathing from me and everyone at Distilled.

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