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I'm really excited today to be quoted in a Sunday Times article called Don't start up without research by Rachel Bridge, all about how to do market research (we contributed to the bits about how to do online market research) and I'm quoted as saying:

> The internet has opened up amazing opportunities for small firms to get access to data and carry out market research that they simply would have not been able to do a few years ago.

> And, as much of it is free, it means that small start-up businesses have as much of a chance as bigger competitors of finding the information they need.

The article also uses one of our clients, bizunlimited, as a case study.

This is my first experience of being mentioned in a national newspaper and I could get used to it - it's good to see Distilled in print! If you're in the UK, you can find us in the printed edition on page 10 of the business section.

##All the things we've been up to recently

Since we're blowing our own trumpet in this post, I thought it would be a good time to run through a quick list of other recent news:

- Reputation Monitor, our tool for monitoring what is said about your company online (with a month's free trial) continues to gather subscribers and we are putting in place plans to roll out the next round of improvements (including some useful reports) - Our ebook How to make PR work online is now available to buy online for £25 (and yes, it is a little ironic that we haven't got a link from the Sunday Times article - we'll have to have a word with them!) - We are hoping to move into a bigger and better office soon (we have our eye on a fantastic one and are just trying to hash out the details with the agent) - We really need to get the move sorted as we need the space - we are hiring for two positions and Duncan and I spent the entirety of Friday in interviews - watch this space

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