Distilled in the Courvoisier Future 500. Again.

For all you die-hard readers and Distilled fans out there (I know you're out there) you'll probably remember when Will made it into the Courvoisier Future 500 in 2007. Well I just received an email saying that I've made it into the 2008 version. Woop!

I'm really excited to be included - while technically the award is a personal one rather than for Distilled (hence why we're allowed to be included 2 years running) it's good PR for the company which is good news. As Will mentioned last year after the initial surprise of being included the next thought is "have I made it into the top 100?" and I think the answer is no which is a shame, it's always nice to beat Will at things, not that it happens that often (unless we're playing squash. Or poker.)

The online implementation leaves a little to be desired - am I supposed to link to this website or this website? Maybe it's a cunning plan to link to both?! Anyway - look out for me in the Observer on 30th Nov :-)

For any other winners out there I'll be attending the social event on the 4th Dec if you want to meet up let me know!

PS - do you think they'll be upset when they discover I don't drink courvoisier?!

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