Distilled in the Courvoisier Future 500. Again.

For all you die-hard readers and Distilled fans out there (I know you’re out there) you’ll probably remember when Will made it into the Courvoisier Future 500 in 2007. Well I just received an email saying that I’ve made it into the 2008 version. Woop!

I’m really excited to be included - while technically the award is a personal one rather than for Distilled (hence why we’re allowed to be included 2 years running) it’s good PR for the company which is good news. As Will mentioned last year after the initial surprise of being included the next thought is “have I made it into the top 100?” and I think the answer is no which is a shame, it’s always nice to beat Will at things, not that it happens that often (unless we’re playing squash. Or poker.)

The online implementation leaves a little to be desired - am I supposed to link to this website or this website? Maybe it’s a cunning plan to link to both?! Anyway - look out for me in the Observer on 30th Nov :-)

For any other winners out there I’ll be attending the social event on the 4th Dec if you want to meet up let me know!

PS - do you think they’ll be upset when they discover I don’t drink courvoisier?!

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  1. Rob

    Congrats, Tom! Now, maybe you can go and tell them to sort out that Flash monstrosity of a website? ;-)

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  2. Amusingly, Rob has said almost the exact same thing that Tom said when Will got in the list last year (follow me?) Maybe it's a pattern...


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  3. While that would be cool, surely there's a limit on the number of times you WANT to win a 'rising stars' award..?

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  4. The squash is not a given (just the last few times. Let's play again soon, mmkay?).

    As for the poker... Well. Yeah. Guilty as charged.

    Congrats on the award though, bro.

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  5. Wow guys, congrats! You are really rolling up the honors and distinctions these days. Missed you at PubCon :(

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  6. Great work Tom, and well deserved!

    @Lucy, maybe it's some auto-generated content?!


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  7. @David - thanks mate! Yeah, real shame about pubcon, I'm going to try my hardest to make it next year!!

    @Ben - Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone but Rob isn't a real person ;-)

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  8. Rich Edden

    I wish my dad was in charge of something like this ;-)

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  9. Hi Tom

    Well done - I received my email too and look forward to seeing you on the 4th. Which category are you in?


    p.s. you can train yourself to drink brandy. It might be politic to do so by then

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  10. Thanks for stopping by Leigh and congrats on the award also ;-) I haven't heard which category I'm in yet, though I imagine it'll either be technology or media?

    Ha - much as I'd love to train myself to drink brandy it's an allergy thing rather than a psychological thing. Hopefully it won't offend them too badly!

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  11. @Rich: hahahaha. Love it ;)

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  12. Well done Tom! Do you get any free bottles??? I know you say you don't drink but I am sure there is bound to be someone at the office...

    I hope this is good PR for Distilled as you claim. Best of luck.

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  13. I started following you guys recently (heard from SEOMoz folks) and wanted to put a sign of respect here. Congrats! Keep up the good work!

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  14. Thanks for stopping by Peter - welcome to the Distilled blog :-)

    @Oscar - I imagine there might be the odd bottle here and there, I'm sure the guys at Distilled will happily take them off my hands!

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  15. Hi Tom

    I came across your Distilled Blog while googling for more info regarding the CF500.

    Congratulations to you and Leigh, I too am in the Courvoisier Future 500, 2009. I am not sure what to expect? Looking on the web there does not seem to be much feedback from those chosen last year.

    I will be attending the party on the 4th hope to see you, Leigh and many more there. Cheers

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  16. Hi Keith,

    Thanks for stopping by, Will was in the group last year and has really enjoyed the experience I think, there are various networking opportunities and plenty of Courvoisier :-) Look forward to seeing you on the 4th

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  17. Ed

    Tom, Keith,

    Funny to meet you both like this - I'm also a CF500 winner 2009, and also had trouble finding further info on Courvoisier online.

    Looking forward to meeting you both - the 4th should be a lot of fun. Free bar? I hope we remember it!


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  18. Hi Tom, Ed. Leigh et Al

    Looking forward to seeing who else made it into the 500 in tomorrows Observer. Lets see who else from the 500 drops into the Distilled Blog. It seems like the place to meet. See you on the 4th. Cheerrs...Keith

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  19. My local 24-hour Costcutter had the Observer when I went past at 3am so I have spent the last hour poring over it to see who else is in.

    I had been tipped off by a friend (Bonnie Shaw) who is a member from last year, that our mutual friend Andy Cockburn had made it in along with me, but had no idea he had actually won! Very pleased for him.

    I also know Annette Mees and Alex Fleetwood but don't think I recognised any other names.

    Possibly the lack of other online mentions is because everyone obeyed the embargo from Delphine. Did any of you get the media pack yet?

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  20. Hey guys - nice to see a bit of conversation brewing on the site, glad it's proving to be the place to hang out! I actually had to buy two copies of the observer today, the first one I bought didn't have the supplement in!! Still, nice to see my name in the paper.

    @Leigh - I only got the embargo from Delphine after I'd blogged about it. Nope - no press pack for me yet. Looking forward to meeting you all on Thurs :-)

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  21. I must be low down the food chain. No one told me of an embargo and no press pack. I hope they don't stop me at the door on thursday. If I make it in I will see you all there.

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  22. @Keith - maybe they only sent the email to people who blogged about it too early! I still haven't received the press pack either. Hopefully see you Thurs!

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  23. Hi Tom - yeah I kept quiet on this because of the 'no blogging' rule too. Looking forward to meeting everyone on Thursday!

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  24. "Congrats, Tom! Now, maybe you can go and tell them to sort out that Flash monstrosity of a website?" --

    I think you will find that it only has one bit of flash in the opening page. If I had my way I would remove it. Also if you press sip it will never been seen again. How do I know ?? I wrote that Flash monstrosity of a website:)


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  25. I think you will find that it only has one bit of flash in the opening page. If I had my way I would remove it. Also if you press 'skip' it will never been seen again. How do I know ?? I wrote that Flash monstrosity of a website:)


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  26. Hey Tom

    Congratulations! I'm also in - though a client told me to go and get the paper as I'd not heard anything! The Observer are apparently getting Courvoisier to mail me with all the details. If you could post any details about Thursday's event in the meantime that would be great - because so far your blog's the first I've heard of it!

    Look forward to meeting you there,


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