Distilled and Harry Potter

We have a number of fans within the ranks of Distilled of the Harry Potter series of books and movies. We've discovered over time that there are a number of similarities in the two worlds. It's not just a geographical thing, either, though we started our adventures in London. Here's what we've come up with:

Top 12 Ways Distilled is like the Harry Potter World

  1. Distilled Logo = Hogwarts Houses The Distilled Logo has four colors and they happen to be the colors of the four houses of Hogwarts. Blue, Green, Yellow/Orange, and Red:

  2. A Preponderance of Gingers Distilled has more than the normal amount of gingers in the company. Rob Ousbey, Duncan Morris, Ben Estes, Pete Van Dyke, and our favorite, Edward Morris (Duncan's son). It's like our own version of the Weasley family!  That's not something you can plan.
  3. Witchcraft and Wizardry Just like the students at Hogwarts, SEOs at Distilled practice their witchcraft and wizardry every day. I mean it takes some serious wandwork to get anyone to rank for "poker" right?
  4. Magical Pets Harry has Hedwig. Mike has Space. BOOM.

  5. British Accents ...in every office.  It's like an in-joke that only half of us understand, while the other half just laughs it off.
  6. (Butter)Beer O'Clock For the time being, everyone at Distilled is of drinking age. Just like the students of Hogwarts, we enjoy a good treat now and then at the local pub.
  7. Herbology Classes Plants? We got plants. We name our plants. The pictures below show "Moon Unit Zappa" and "Sophia". They don't bite though, or cry, or cure anything, but we love them all the same.  Ben is the head of Herbology in the Seattle office, so if your plants need SEO, he's your guy.
  8. Flying! Harry is a master flyer and so are many of the employees at Distilled. Tom and Will are in Brazil this week, Seattle next week, Kate was in Boston last week, and soon Stephanie Coles will be in Greece!
  9. Tri-Office Tournament We've got three offices now, and whenever the execs from each office meet those Londoners will insist on having an extra man! where there were four participants, two from one office, and that office was in London. Not sure there was a goblet of fire, but I'm sure the Ogden's Old Firewhiskey gets brought out.
  10. Testing (OWLs vs. GAIQ) Wizards and witches must pass the OWL exams, search marketers have exams like the GAIQ and AdWords exams to pass for certification. It is widely known that our entire futures depend upon these exams.
  11. Good versus Evil? There is an ongoing battle in the search world between the white hats and black hats much like the Order of the Phoenix against the Death Eaters. What side are you on?? (It's funny guys, giggle, giggle...)
  12. Trampoline Dodgeball = Quidditch And our final point is that while we can't play Quidditch, we do have a champion Trampoline Dodgeball Team! Flying through the air... hurling giant spheres at competitors... it's close!

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