Announcing DistilledU

This week at the Distilledathon in London, our all-company meeting taking place as you read this (if you read it before January 28th, 2012), we have a day we’re calling a “Ship-a-thon”. Inspired by hackathons across the world, we’re aiming to make waves and ship some awesome products to make Distilled, and the SEO community, better.

To that end, today we have announced DistilledU.

(logo possibly in progress)

You can sign up here to know when we launch it to the public. But let me tell you a bit more about DistilledU.

The Vision

DistilledU has been the brainchild of numerous people at Distilled, including Will, Tom, and myself. We love teaching people, as is evidenced by our SEO Events and SEO blog, both internally and externally.

We originally dreamed up DistilledU for our own internal purposes as we grow and train new hires, but we decided to be as transparent and helpful as possible, so therefore we are going to release it to the public.

As many as you know, we partnered with SEOmoz a few years ago. We see DistilledU as being complimentary to SEOmoz’s tools and resources. SEOmoz helps you to do SEO on your site or your client sites, though some SEO knowledge is required to use these tools to their full advantage. DistilledU is being created to help you learn SEO so that you can make better use of the tools and other resources available to you.

What’s in DistilledU?

I’m so glad you asked! The TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) version is that DistilledU will be a place for everyone to learn something new about SEO, or to learn SEO for the first time.

We’re creating checklists, videos, guides, linking to external resources, and generally trying to provide as much value as possible to everyone enrolled in DistilledU. We’ll also have different levels of achievements for you to attain as you move through the lessons and modules.

What Topics Are There?

Today is the first day that we have worked hardcore on it, and we’ve built out the following modules in their version 1, possibly beta-ready form. They are:
  • Keyword Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Technical
We’ll be building out more materials, guides, spreadsheets, templates, and more as we go and as you tell us what would be useful!

Here are a few shots of what you will see once we open up the private beta:

Information Architecture Module DistilledU

A module, this one about Information Architecture. Many will include videos.

Accomplishments DistilledU

Tick off your accomplishments as you work through the modules

DistilledU Flipcards

Test your new knowledge with flipcards (notecards for the web, essentially)

The Launch Plan

We need a few more weeks to build out more content so that DistilledU is as useful as possible to you. Then we plan to open it in private beta to work out remaining bugs and gather user feedback. Then as soon as we feel DistilledU is war-ready, we’ll launch!

Watch this space for updates. We’ll be in touch :-)

Sign up for DistilledU now!

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  1. Are you guys kindly offering to deliver all my staff training for me? Excellent :)
    Looks like you have all been busy. This should be fun.

    reply >
    • John Doherty

      That is exactly what we are hoping to do! As I said in the post, we are going to be using it internally to train staff, and after that we will allow others to access it.

  2. gabriela

    It's a great idea!! ...can't wait for this :)
    Thank you for sharing

    reply >
  3. So is this a University we can graduate from? I.e. will there be objective assessments and lovely badges to collect?

    reply >
  4. Looks great! The check lists are a brilliant idea. Looking forward to it :)

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  5. Great! I love the gamification of DistilledU...
    Signed up, because I think it will be an excellent way to maintain fresh my own SEO knowledge (also about basics) and because it is a great way to learn new things too and reinvigorate what you think you know well already.

    Kudos to you.

    reply >
    • John Doherty

      Thanks Gianluca, and well said! We are quite excited to be able to share our knowledge wider and help people out with their SEO knowledge.

  6. I am a locust for SEO knowledge, thanks Distilled and could not agree with Gianluca more, never lose focus of the basics.

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  7. Temina Moledina

    Great idea!

    Some stuff I'd love to see (from my experience as a consumer)

    (long term strategic note) get employers to recognise it, or at least become aware of it, so they stop asking for CIM (I won't critique their digital training here!)

    create digital certificates that show what topics were completed (and ideally tested). An easy to share collection of certificates would look great on a blog and link back to the U

    include modules on SEO for different audiences (e.g. intro to SEO for budget holders, intro to SEO for wider teams, how to 'sell' seo internally) Shareable resources within the company that would be great to release resource and increase employer awareness of the Distilled brand

    And finally - thank you guys, what a fab idea. I can't wait to get started.

    reply >
  8. This is fantastic, Distilled crew! I've learned so much from you guys, from attending SearchLove last fall to Tom's Google Docs Unleashed to Mike's Excel for SEOs. And that doesn't include all the fine blog posts. I predict DistilledU will become a huge hit! I've signed up!

    reply >
  9. Joe

    Muy fabuloso! I've been looking for a comprehensive all in one SEO training besides the Beginner's Guide to SEO. But this looks even better with gamification and tracking

    reply >
  10. So how DistilledU any different from Moz or SE Land, or even V7 forums? The content is already out there. How do you really differentiate?


    SEO Instead

    reply >
    • John Doherty

      Hey Vitaliy -
      Thanks for your question/comment. Apologies that it was caught in the "Pending" queue for a few days.

      DistilledU is meant to be a place that brings together all of the content that is out there on the Internet and put it into a digestible, understandable, navigable way that can be used to teach new SEOs, and will also provide value to experienced SEOs.

      We are also creating new content and will be including a lot of our own case studies, templates, checklists, and other materials that we hope will be useful to others.

      Of course, we will also link to the great resources that you have mentioned that are available in the blogosphere, according to topic, so that they are of more use to those enrolled in DistilledU.

      Thanks for your question and I hope this helps.


  11. The more I learn, the more I learn how little I know Socrates 470 BC

    The more you know, the less you understand Lao-Tse 604 BC

    The more I learn, the happier my clients are Nick Simpson 2012 AD

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  12. Biiiiig SEOMoz fan. If they endorse Distilled, I can't wait to see the sparks!

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  13. Great will you offer online Classes i like to learn new thing from your staff?

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    • John Doherty

      Online classes of sorts, yes. It's more of a self-study program where you go through and moderate yourself. We want you to take responsibility for your learning!

  14. Thanks Distilled :)

    Would love to practice SEO from you Guys. You are immensely awesome people in SEO who can definitely make a lay man into SEO Guru.

    Waiting for DistilledU to start soon.

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  15. This sounds amazing! And if you guys do it right - which I am pretty sure you will - this could be the first stepping stone towards a long awaited certification recognized by the whole industry. Look forward to this!

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  16. John, Is some sort of certification / recognition in the plans?

    reply >
    • John Doherty

      Hey Donna -
      This is the kind of detail that we are still working through. There will most likely be a certification of having completed DistilledU, but we are very undecided at this point as to if it will be an "industry certification" of sorts.

  17. Hey guys, this is excellent :)

    I'm sure that there are going to be some great tid-bits here and bit that all SEO's can use, be they old or new :)

    Can't wait, signing up now!

    reply >
  18. Hey Guys,

    Any recent news on progress?



    reply >
    • John Doherty

      Hi Vahe -
      DistilledU is in private beta right now and we are actively working on it internally. More content is being created every week!

      We'll have an announcement once it's finally ready.

  19. Will Critchlow

    Hey - I just thought I'd update you guys here on the public beta launch:

    In case you hadn't seen it...

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