Announcing DistilledU

This week at the Distilledathon in London, our all-company meeting taking place as you read this (if you read it before January 28th, 2012), we have a day we're calling a "Ship-a-thon". Inspired by hackathons across the world, we're aiming to make waves and ship some awesome products to make Distilled, and the SEO community, better.

To that end, today we have announced DistilledU.

(logo possibly in progress)

You can sign up here to know when we launch it to the public. But let me tell you a bit more about DistilledU.

The Vision

DistilledU has been the brainchild of numerous people at Distilled, including Will, Tom, and myself. We love teaching people, as is evidenced by our SEO Events and SEO blog, both internally and externally.

We originally dreamed up DistilledU for our own internal purposes as we grow and train new hires, but we decided to be as transparent and helpful as possible, so therefore we are going to release it to the public.

As many as you know, we partnered with SEOmoz a few years ago. We see DistilledU as being complimentary to SEOmoz's tools and resources. SEOmoz helps you to do SEO on your site or your client sites, though some SEO knowledge is required to use these tools to their full advantage. DistilledU is being created to help you learn SEO so that you can make better use of the tools and other resources available to you.

What's in DistilledU?

I'm so glad you asked! The TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read) version is that DistilledU will be a place for everyone to learn something new about SEO, or to learn SEO for the first time.

We're creating checklists, videos, guides, linking to external resources, and generally trying to provide as much value as possible to everyone enrolled in DistilledU. We'll also have different levels of achievements for you to attain as you move through the lessons and modules.

What Topics Are There?

Today is the first day that we have worked hardcore on it, and we've built out the following modules in their version 1, possibly beta-ready form. They are:
  • Keyword Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Onsite Optimization
  • Technical
We'll be building out more materials, guides, spreadsheets, templates, and more as we go and as you tell us what would be useful!

Here are a few shots of what you will see once we open up the private beta:

Information Architecture Module DistilledU

A module, this one about Information Architecture. Many will include videos.

Accomplishments DistilledU

Tick off your accomplishments as you work through the modules

DistilledU Flipcards

Test your new knowledge with flipcards (notecards for the web, essentially)

The Launch Plan

We need a few more weeks to build out more content so that DistilledU is as useful as possible to you. Then we plan to open it in private beta to work out remaining bugs and gather user feedback. Then as soon as we feel DistilledU is war-ready, we'll launch!

Watch this space for updates. We'll be in touch :-)

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