...and the winner of #distilledwhisky is

To celebrate Burns Night, we ran a little competition on Twitter to give away a bottle of whisky (Ardbeg to be precise) along with a Distilled hoodie.

Distilled hoodie

All people had to do in order to enter was follow @distilled or tweet the hashtag #distilledwhisky.

We had well over 100 entrants (including a few people trying to enter more than once - but more on that later).

Cooler than that, though, we had two companies contact us offering to chip in with additional prizes:

- Jura whisky offered a bottle of their whisky (and told us about their own competition on Facebook and their twitter account). They also told us about a charitable endeavour by Whyte & Mackay and Jura: auctions for Haiti - Master of Malt chipped in a cask strength single cask 19 year old Tomatin . You can also follow them on Twitter (though I suggest buying some whisky from them would make them even happier)

To say thank you for this amazing generosity, we are sending each of them a copy of Seth Godin's book Tribes. (Incidentally, why is his new book, Linchpin not available in the UK yet, nor on Kindle? - I'm surprised by Seth on that).

Since we ended up with such a range of prizes, we decided it would be silly to send all of it to one person, so in addition to the original prize (the Ardbeg and hoodie) which remains randomly chosen from all entrants, we have two additional winners:

- New entrants - Special mention

But first, the main element of the competition:

## The winner of the hoodie and Ardbeg

Randomly chosen from all entrants, Mat Clayton of MixCloud is the winner of the hoodie and Ardbeg. Congratulations, Mat. Please see the instructions at the bottom of the post to sort out claiming your prize.

## New entrant

Since we didn't only enter new followers into the main prize draw, there was every chance that the winner would be someone who hadn't even heard about the competition. To balance this out a little bit (and to make sure that the awesome cask strength single cask 19 year old Tomatin went to someone who likes whisky!), we decided to do a second draw taken just from the people who specifically entered the competition.

The winner of this "surprise prize" is @jmorell. Congratulations - that is one superb whisky you're getting there (and yes, we'll throw in a hoodie as well as long as we still have one in your size). Please see the instructions at the bottom of the post to sort out claiming your prize.

## Special mention

This chart tells a story - although we only allowed one entry per person in the random draw above, one entrant still went above and beyond and dwarfed the competition:

Stephen Tallamy likes Twitter competitions

To re-iterate, we only counted one entry per person for the random draw. However, we have wept along with Stephen as he has failed to win macbooks on multiple occasions and we wanted him to be able to say he had finally won a Twitter competition (please Stephen, you can stop now!). So the bottle of Jura is going to Stephen. Well done :)

As above, we'll also throw in a hoodie as well as long as we still have one in your size. Please see the instructions at the bottom of the post to sort out claiming your prize.

## Best tweet

I also thought it worth throwing out some special mentions for innovative entries. Sorry there isn't more whisky (or hoodies, in fact!) to go around guys, but thanks for keeping us amused - we'll buy you a beer next time we see you at a meet-up:

- Jaamit - Simon Barber - Rhys Wynne

## Collecting your prizes

Can you email with your postal address and preferred hoodie size and we'll get it all coordinated? We don't have that many hoodies left so while Mat gets his choice of size from S to XL (as the winner of the original competition), the others will have to choose from our remaining stock of sizes. We'll coordinate to sort everyone out as well as we can.

Oh, and some small print we forgot to mention in the original post - we'd love to see some pictures of you guys drinking your #distilledwhisky wearing your hoodies!

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