A Tachetastic Movember

In recent weeks, amidst chatter about economic decline, you are likely to have noticed a sharp increase in Global TPC. This rise in TPC (for the layman; Tache Per Capita) is due to an annual phenomenon called Movember. This annual event sees many men, who would normally take a razor to their faces on a daily basis, make a foray into upper lip heroics in order to raise money for charity.

By growing, or striving to grow, a moustache for the month of November these noble fellows draw admiring glances from friends, family and passers-by. Often this leads to an inquiry as to why the owner of the aforementioned upper lip warrior might be embarking on such an endeavour. Common lines of enquiry include, but are not limited to:

“Man, that is a freaking sweet tache, why did you only just start growing it now?!”,

“My word that is a fine specimen, how did you come to possess it? May I pet it?”,

“Dear man, what is powering this incredible force of attraction that is driving me to want to kiss you?”,

and, sometimes from the less appreciative, “Why would you do that?! That thing is gross!”.

In response to such hails, the tache bearer pronounces thusly: “I am sprouting forth these fine whiskers with the aim of raising vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and other cancers that affect our gender.” This response causes the enquirer to think upon their moustachioed acquaintance and his cause with a newfound respect and interest, and commonly they then reach for their purse in order to donate to this noble cause.

In this very way many of the male employees of Distilled have borne out their days November 2011. We have raised a fairly handsome figure so far but are very keen to raise yet more for the cause. In pursuit of this we have had ourselves photographed for your entertainment. Please feast your eyes below and, if you are in any way moved by the pictures below, kindly think of a figure, big or small, and donate to our cause.

The Mo Bros of the London office. Just off camera is a massive photo of Tom Selleck, idol and Black Belt Tachemaster.

These Mo Bros have found their taches increase problem solving ability fivefold.

Strong work from Richard Cotton, Tom Anthony, Mike Pantoliano, Rob Ousbey & Tom Critchlow

Will and Duncan faithfully reenact the Distilled 404 page.

We hope you enjoyed this fine selection of photographs and we would greatly appreciate it if you would consider donating to our cause.

Happy Movember!

Tom Neville

Tom Neville

Tom is responsible for taking an unstructured bunch of ideas from our consultants and his own research, then turning them into prototypes, processes, tools and products to enable Distilled to scale the business. Externally the products include our...   read more

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  1. Bottom row, second from the left wins.

    Great job guys! Glad to see you're using your status in the community to make a positive impact :D

    reply >
  2. David Sottimano

    I LOVE our new 404 page ;)

    reply >
  3. hahahaha love that 404 page, A few of the guys from my office joined into the Movember spirits and we raised around $1,000 or so.

    reply >
  4. Hey guys,

    Funny post but I miss all the good SEO tips you used to post on your blog. It all seems to be promotion now : (

    reply >
  5. Good show chaps, especially the rather spiffing custom 404 page.

    Who is keeping it? Who shaved it off last night? I am waiting for beard neutrality to reinstate itself.

    Pip Pip!

    reply >

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