A rare link post: Joel, The Grauniad and lolcats

There are many, many people who are better (and more committed) at round-up-type posts than I am. I barely remember to check my email some days, so making sure I round up the news in a sector or keeping our readers up to date with a particular field is probably not a good role for me.

Nevertheless, I quite often find myself with interesting links that I want to share (even without much commentary) so you never know, this might become a sequence of posts (I was going to write 'series' of posts, but as Jon will be able to tell you(*), a sequence and a series are very different things - sometimes I can't keep my inner geek under control!). Anyway, to the links:

- Joel writes a fantastic piece on the parallels between current ajax thinking and the PC world pre-windows. If you don't read Joel and you claim to write any kind of code, what are you thinking? I particularly like his reference to ycombinator - I love what they are doing. That's what I would like to do if I were rich... - The Guardian writes about Google stopping the kickback to agencies for PPC advertising. I think this can only be a good thing for smaller PPC advertisers - typically their agencies won't be subsidising their campaigns with a Google kickback and so it levels the playing field between them and the big boys - And finally, a quick descent into the slightly less relevant / high-brow. I was wondering through the world of lolcats (as you have to do while enjoying a curry and a pint in front of your computer) and it struck me how highbrow some of them really are: Fugucat needs knowledge of the poisonous Fugu fish and its liver, i can fix thiz is a simple visual joke but there is quite a lot more going on - the cat is trying to log in as root, for one...

Anyway. The lolcats is probably off-topic, but the other links are good. I blame Tom.

(*) sorry. Inside joke. Not even a very funny one.

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