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We have been having a lot of fun recently - building success for our clients online, launching a new-look version of reputation monitor (more about that soon) and pitching to some large household names for SEO work. As we continue to improve our knowledge and try to offer increasing value to our clients, we are often reminded that there are many business owners who would like to know more about what we do. Whether they want to do it themselves, or understand more about the process and benefits before employing a company to carry it out for them, a lot of business people would love to know more about online marketing.

In the past, we have run a number of short seminars - primarily for existing clients - on specific subjects. This time, we are organising an introduction to the whole topic of online marketing, with our introduction to online marketing seminar.

- When: 5th December 2007 - What time: 9.30am - 12.30pm - Where: Distilled offices, Tower Bridge Road - near London Bridge station - How much: £120 +VAT

Our seminar is designed to be an introductory session (suitable for absolute beginners and non-technical businesspeople), we don't intend to hold back anything that we think would help you in getting everything set up right to succeed online.

Our seminar is ideal if you want to learn more about how the search engines work. You will leave the seminar bursting with ideas that will improve your website and help you attract more visitors. Our introduction to analytics will help you turn this increase in visitors into an increase in business. If you only put into action a handful of the many tips and tricks we are going to show you, we guarantee that you will easily recoup the entry cost.

For those of you who manage a company, the firm grasp of what you should be doing online will bring you huge benefits in knowing where to invest time and money. Our industry is full of buzz words. We promise you will leave our seminar knowing what you are talking about and what you should be concentrating on.

You can read more about our seminar on its dedicated page, but briefly, we are intending to cover:

- natural search engine optimisation (SEO) - why it's important, how your site needs to be set up, how to promote your business online through the search engines - pay-per-click advertising (PPC) - the pros and cons, how to set up your own campaign, how to structure a campaign for success and what lessons you can learn from a running campaign to improve both it and your other marketing efforts - online analytics - how to measure how well your website is doing - what key performance indicators you should really be caring about and how to use that data to improve your website continually

Because we are limiting the number of places to 15, well, firstly places will go really quickly, so if you are interested, book now, but also, we are intending to be able to answer specific questions you might have. We are even hoping that you might send us through a link to your site and specific questions you might have in advance so we can take a look and help you out.

So how about that! For the price of just one hour of our consulting time, you not only get some personal advice about your site, but you also get three hours of dedicated advice from Distilled's search marketing experts, and a bunch of goodies, including a copy of Avinash Kaushik's book "Web Analytics An Hour a Day".

So don't delay. Book now!

PS SEOmoz premium members get £20 off the ticket price - just email us a link to your SEOmoz user page showing your premium badge and we'll refund you £20.

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