8 Random Things About Tom Critchlow

This is a pretty exciting time folks - I've been tagged in my first internet meme by Cher from Nic n Cher!

So here goes, 8 random things about me:

1) I don't eat pigeon. I'm not vegetarian (not by a long stretch! - I spent about £30 in the butchers at the weekend on belly pork, haggis and venison mmmmmm) but pigeons have a special place in my heart. Either that, or it's the image of mutilated pigeons with broken wings feeding off dirty McDonalds in the street which puts me off - whatever it is though I don't eat pigeon. Anyway, they're tiny birds, I'd rather eat a Goose or something with a bit more meat on it :-)

2) I play a fair amount of poker (any interest in a UK SEO-poker tournament?). One day I'd like to pack this whole 'working' business in an go and live in Vegas and play poker for a living.

3) I'm in the process of writing a sit-com and a book, I suspect I'm too lazy for either of them to ever see the light of day. If anyone has any contacts in the comedy business though please let me know!

4) Despite being an internet junkie I've never uploaded a video to youtube, never had a myspace page and never bought anything off ebay. How 1995 of me.

5) I have various allergies (technically chemical intolerances) to various foods. Because of that - I don't drink (alcohol that is - water, no problems).

6) I'm into pretty alternative music, books and films.

7) Mornings are not my strong point and I think the snooze button is the work of the devil. I've been known to snooze my alarm for over 2 hours before.

8 ) I love Japanese and oriental culture. From Bonsai trees and Japanese pop to Buddhism and Samurai I love it all. If the professional poker player thing falls through I'll probably become a Buddhist monk.

Sorry for the fluff post - more cutting insights into online reputation management, seo and geo-location shortly! (What? I might as well spam the post with a few links while I'm at it ;-) )

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