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How should you feed back to your designers? DistilledLive London video discussion

We caught up with Kate Morris and Kristina Kledzik over in Seattle for the last DistilledLive video and an enthused chat on Real Company, ahem, *Stuff*. This week, we’re back in London asking lead designers, Leonie Wharton and Matt Mitchell-Camp to share their experiences when it comes to giving feed back to designers.

It’s not uncommon for a consultant or clients to be unsure of how to feed back to designers when it comes to collaborating on a project so within this video, Leonie and Matt share their experiences so you can get the best out of them and your final product.

You can read the full transcript for this video, below.

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Mobile sites and search DistilledLive video discussion

In the last DistilledLive video, we talked through the current hot topic of late, content marketing, with the people who know it best; the Outreach team in Seattle. You can also, check out Adria Saracino’s Hangout on the very same subject if you want to hear more. This week however, we’re back in London as myself and Bridget Randolph give you our thoughts on mobile sites and search.

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A/B testing | Optimizely wins and fails

There’s possibly some stigma attached to the idea of Conversion Rate Optimisation. The name alone is a little daunting and then there’s all those other acronyms floating around the search landscape; SEO, RCS, WTF!? It’s hard not to get caught up in a wash of web analytics. Put simply, conversion rate optimization helps you to sell more online by giving your customers exactly what it is they are looking for. Patrick McKenzie summed it up well in last year’s SearchLove presentation when he explained CRO with a charming anecdote about his wife;

’having asked one woman to marry me and that one woman saying yes, gives me a 100% conversion rate for the proposal’.
Here at Distilled, we’ve been running some tests to try and improve our conversion rates for the DistilledU landing page. We felt it would be interesting to share not only the tools we used to do so but also, what results we saw [or didn’t in some cases] and how we went on to improve this.

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Guide to Site Navigation for SEO

When SEOs talk about navigation, we tend to stick to the technical side of things: “Make sure that you have internal links to every page on your site.” “Don’t put too many navigation options on a page because you’ll have too many internal links.” “Load your drop down link content before JavaScript so that search engines can read it.”

Website creators have to put navigation together on their own, gathering bits and pieces from different articles around the web. So, I’ve put all the tidbits together, creating a guide to building site navigation that’s optimal for search engines (and visitors, too, never forget your visitors!).

Universal Navigation

When visitors come to your site, you want them to figure out how to navigate quickly. Most websites have a navigation strip at the top of every page that stays the same, with links to the major sections of the site. (Some sites like Amazon and Smashing Magazine have this on the left.) Distilled’s looks like this:

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Conversion Rate Optimisation & User Experience - Distilled Meet-Up, 12th July

For our third London based meet-up, the focus was Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and User Experience (UX). For those who couldn’t make it / left their notes on the night bus home - panic not - here’s a round up of the key takeaways from our speakers. Enjoy :)


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Conversion Optimisers - Stephen Pavlovich, Conversion Factory
Stephen outlines the seven habits that are essential to get rapid results in conversion optimisation.

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