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Getting To Grips With Google Tag Manager

Arrive at the Google Tag Manager home page and you are presented with the message “Digital Marketing Made (Much) Easier”. Whilst this is true for long term project and tag management, the initial learning curve for Google Tag Manager can be somewhat... frustrating.

Documentation from Google is at present somewhat confusing, yet this is obviously something Google is going to be looking to dedicate more time to in the future as suggested by the extra focus on Google Tag Manager in the new version of the GAIQ Exam.

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The New GAIQ EXAM: What You Need to Know

Google released a new version of the GAIQ last Wednesday. If you didn’t hear about it, you’re not alone. There wasn’t any fanfare, no major discussions in the marketing community. I only noticed because I started studying for the test right after the New Year. When I went to the Analytics IQ Lessons page it said the test would be updated on or around the 15th, and that to study for the new exam you needed to check out the Analytics Academy Digital Analytics Fundamentals course. Curious about the new exam, I waited for its release and (thankfully!) passed.

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Omniture for Beginners

So, you’ve just discovered that your new client uses Adobe’s Omniture as their web analytics package. If your initial reaction is “why couldn’t it just be Google Analytics”, then this post is for you – I’ll walk through how to find basic analytics data in Omniture, and differences in terminology between the two platforms. GA divides itself up into Acquisition, Audience, Behaviour and Conversions, so I’ll cover some basics first, then go over each of those areas in turn in Omniture.

Before we get stuck in, keep in mind that one of the main important differences between GA and Omniture is that Omniture setups are always custom. As such, installations can vary in what they show by default. Also, if you’ve not used Omniture before at all, you might find this easier to follow if you open it up in another window.

Navigation Basics

Firstly, make sure you’re looking at the correct report suite (you might know these as views or profiles).

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Google Analytics API made easy - Google docs Magic Tutorial

Even if you’re not familiar with the Google Analytics API, chances are that you’ve probably needed access. Maybe it’s because you need 5000 results from the GA interface, but your browser keeps crashing. Maybe you need more than 5000 URLs and you’re not in the mood to hack the URL in order to get it. Or maybe you just wish that you could perform month over month growth calculations quick and easily.

Well, today’s tutorial is about showing you how to get the data you need quick and easily - even if you don’t know your variables from your arrays. A clever Googler, Nick Mihailovski put together the Google Analytics Magic script which integrates with Google docs back in August 2012 - and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Except, I’ve noticed that many marketers either don’t know about it, or find it too daunting.

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(not provided)—Distilled’s thoughts in review

There was a lot of hubbub yesterday about a dramatic increase in (not provided) traffic showing up in Analytics data. I’d say the most eye-opening part of this is the realization that the end of this upward trend is in sight: soon there will be effectively no keyword data readily available for organic search traffic from Google.

While Distilled hasn’t seen as dramatic an increase across our own accounts it has always been a matter of time. This was not unforeseen. Since Google announced the encryption of searches in October 2011 we’ve been considering this possibly. Lately it’s been seen as inevitable. So naturally Distilled has been thinking about and talking about this subject quite a bit.

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