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Getting ahead of the curve with Dell’s social media strategy

DellDell lends its ear to social media

Social media reporters often cover Dell, and with good reason: Dell got in on corporate social media early, and worked hard to get it right.  They’ve created everything from a Social Media Listening Command Center, to in-person Social Think Tanks, to a Social Media & Communities training program for employees.

I heard the story beginning to end from Richard Margetic, Dell’s Director of Global Social Media.

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Honda’s fan love and how community is the most important asset to your brand

Another look into the forthcoming industry report, Brandopolis (set to land in a few weeks time) this post comes from Lydia Laurenson once more as she catches up with the Creative Social Media Director at RPA, J. Barbush. 

“Social media is something that people live, versus something they need to learn,”

said J. Barbush during a phone interview.  He’s Creative Social Media Director at RPA, the agency that recently won a Cannes Bronze Lion for a Honda campaign.

Separating good marketers from great ones

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Start using Twitter Favourites to your advantage

Ever wondered what the function of Twitter’s ‘Favourites’ tool is? Can it be useful to you in the long term? Here’s a little look into how to find and start using Favourites, as well as how to use these tweets to build your brand and website content.

So, what is a Favourite?

Described by the Twitter guidelines as ‘a small star icon next to a Tweet,’ Favourites are most commonly used when users like a Tweet. Favouriting a Tweet can let the original poster know that you liked their Tweet, or as a way of storing the Tweet and its links for later (which may or may not include the odd cute cat picture).

It feels as though we already have some great tools for this though, right? Pocket, for instance, offers this very idea and you can now download the Chrome extension for an even easier ‘Read Later’ set up with just one click of a button at the top right of your browser.

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Because community building isn’t fluffy: enhancing UX, DistilledLive video

Well, look who we found hanging out at the Mack Web Solutions offices! Whilst our former Seattle consultant Geoff has been off “working remotely”, we thought it made sense for both Geoff and Mack to talk about what they both know best: Community and SEO.

Community building isn’t fluffy. Community actually involves SEO. Watch the video below for Mack and Geoff’s update on how community and SEO work together. You can also find the full transcript to the footage below.

Over to you, dear reader

Are you providing a good experience for your user? Is guest posting a good way to speak out to other industries? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or you can find both Mack and Geoff over on Twitter.

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Calculating ROI from Social Media - Problems, Pitfalls & Breaking all the things...

As an industry we’re quite rightly under pressure to report and measure the impact of our activity in order to justify our existence.

How to calculate return on investment (ROI) on social media activity is something which I’m asked a lot - I guess because ROI is a metric that the C-Suite are both familiar with and very interested in.

However, ROI is a woefully poor measure of the success or failure of social media activity.


To be clear, I’m not saying ROI is a bad metric. But it’s misunderstood and often misappropriated.

But I’m leaping ahead of myself.

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