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The Anatomy of a Great Guest Post

Lately there has been a lot of talk about how guest posting has gone down hill.While there are tons of guides on how to write a good blog post, there are some things about guest posting that are unique. So I want to focus on fixing the problem of bad guest posts with a visual guide to a great guest post.

There are diagrams around the web that cover a good post, but that all seems to go out the window when a guest post is actually written. This might have to do with how much people pay writers or the commoditization of it all. Regardless, there are people looking for how to create an epic guest post and I want to share tips on how to write a great guest post.

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Optimizing Your Local Presence for Mobile Search (and vice versa!)

When you optimize your website for localized search terms, it’s described as Local SEO. While Local SEO can seem like a somewhat niche topic, it impacts a surprisingly high number of searches. Google data tells us that around 1 out of every 5 searches has local intent. So businesses with a local presence that ignore local search optimization are potentially missing out on a great opportunity.

And there’s a new player in the local search arena: the mobile web. Because of the convenience and portability factor of smartphones and other mobile devices, the percentage of searches with local intent performed on a mobile device can be as high as 40%.

Not convinced yet? Check out the following smartphone stats from Google’s Think Insights Databoard:

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Managing your clients; This is how we roll, DistilledLive video

It’s not always about SEO keywords and outreach tactics at Distilled so, with that in mind, this week’s DistilledLive video gives you guys the low-down on how we do ‘sales’ a little differently here. Tune into the video below where Stephanie Coles and Amanda Marquez, from our Seattle Client Development team, talk you through how to manage your client’s expectations during the sales process.

You can read the full transcript of the video below.

Over to you, dear reader

Is company culture important to you and building your brand? How are you working towards your client’s long term business goals? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

DistilledLive | Managing client expectations during the sales process

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That movie where those two guys drink wine - How Google is understanding your searches, DistilledLive video discussion

How does Google understand your searches? Well, in the latest DistilledLive video Will Critchlow and Tom Anthony share their thoughts on some of the new ways that Google is ‘understanding’ the web. On a similar subject to Will’s recent talk on the Future of Search, the guys talk through how Google is now interpreting our search results and their relevancy rather than just indexing them.

So, how can the search for ‘that film where those two guys drink wine’ really work? (It does!) And what does this mean for the state of search? Will and Tom talk through it using a few examples [here’s the Reddit one] in the video. You can find the full transcript below.

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When VLOOKUP Isn’t Enough: 3 Indications Microsoft Access Might Be Useful

A few years ago, Ben wrote a great post about how wonderful Access is for SEO and why you should use it. I want to build on his post to explain how you might go about using Access, if he convinced you, and provide a few easy indications of when Access might be a useful tool, even if you haven’t read his post. I’ll take a few posts to explain things in a level of detail that might actually be understandable to someone who is starting out with essentially no knowledge of databases or Access, and then build up to create some relatively helpful queries for common issues.

The goal is to open your eyes to some of Access’ power, as apparently I’ve become a bit of an Access evangelist. Pretty much everywhere I’ve worked, I’ve seen a use for the program. There are usually a few “flags” that I start hearing and just think “Access. Yup. Access. Oh, definitely Access!” So for this first post, I’d just like to explain and elaborate on those in a pretty general sense.

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