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Your Approach to Organic Search is Obsolete: How to Evolve in 2014

I started working on organic search visibility in 2006. Back then, you didn’t have to get up too early in the morning to rank (at least not for the long tail). Tactics like directory submissions and article syndication still worked, and on-page optimization was relatively straightforward.

To some, those were the good old days, but they didn’t last. Google hasn’t dominated the search market with the same product they launched from a garage in late 1998. They’ve fostered a culture of innovation and been at the cutting edge of search and big data computing in general for the last 16 years.

Source: NetMarketShare

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The Year in Search - A Round Up of 2013

As 2013 draws to a close come with me, dear reader, as we review this year in search.

We saw yet more animal-shaped Google updates, spent a horrifying amount of time watching Harlem Shake videos and there was some noise about GIFs being pronounced JIF. 

January : Facebook rolls out Graph Search for more ‘relevant’ results

Continuing on its mission to make the world more open and connected Facebook launched graph search - new way to ‘navigate your connections and make them more useful’. It sounded innocuous enough, but then Tom Scott highlighted some of the potential privacy issues and encouraged us to check and update our privacy settings in order to avoid showing up for searches like ‘single women who live nearby & are interested in men & like getting drunk’: 

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Google Analytics API made easy - Google docs Magic Tutorial

Even if you’re not familiar with the Google Analytics API, chances are that you’ve probably needed access. Maybe it’s because you need 5000 results from the GA interface, but your browser keeps crashing. Maybe you need more than 5000 URLs and you’re not in the mood to hack the URL in order to get it. Or maybe you just wish that you could perform month over month growth calculations quick and easily.

Well, today’s tutorial is about showing you how to get the data you need quick and easily - even if you don’t know your variables from your arrays. A clever Googler, Nick Mihailovski put together the Google Analytics Magic script which integrates with Google docs back in August 2012 - and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Except, I’ve noticed that many marketers either don’t know about it, or find it too daunting.

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Bringing some Irish Wonder to your SEO security audits, the latest DistilledLive video

We’ve welcomed another special guest into the Distilled studios this week as Will Critchlow is joined by Julia Logan (you might know her better as Irish Wonder) to talk you through what she knows best -  site security particularly as it relates to SEO.

Tune into the video below as Julia shares the best actions to take for integrating security audits into your SEO strategies.  You can read the full transcript just below.

What are you doing in terms of SEO security for your site and how you can work to avoid these vulnerabilities in the long term? We’d love to hear from you, dear reader, in the thoughts below or alternatively you can send a tweet across to Julia.

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Take Me Down To Paradise City, SearchLove San Diego 2013 Day One

Paradise Point

Beautiful blue skies. Palm trees swaying in the light afternoon breeze. You’d be forgiven for thinking this was some sort of holiday. But last week saw over 20 industry experts descend upon sunny San Diego to speak at Distilled’s first West Coast event at Paradise Point. If you made it along to the conference, this will hopefully serve as a handy refresher (particularly after those pool side drinks after day one!) and if not, you’ll be joining us next year right?

So, without further ado, don your best shades and sun hat as we head down to Paradise City to revisit some of the key takeaways and insights from all of our speakers at SearchLove San Diego Day One.

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