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Conversion Rate Optimisation & User Experience - Distilled Meet-Up, 12th July

For our third London based meet-up, the focus was Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and User Experience (UX). For those who couldn’t make it / left their notes on the night bus home - panic not - here’s a round up of the key takeaways from our speakers. Enjoy :)


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Conversion Optimisers - Stephen Pavlovich, Conversion Factory
Stephen outlines the seven habits that are essential to get rapid results in conversion optimisation.

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User feedback to improve Conversions

Often when working on CRO projects, it’s tempting to jump straight in and set up tests based on your own ideas and suspicions. But, for me, a more effective and measured approach is to spend time finding out what users think of a particular feature, page or product, and address any issues that they come up with, or place further emphasis on the things that they like. They are more representative of the people using your site, and often consultants or client teams are too close to a site to be able to look at it objectively.

I’ve put together a few quick, easy, and free methods of gathering feedback that can give your CRO projects a more solid foundation rather than basing your tests on assumptions.

Start with Analytics

But before you start collecting qualitative data from users, you should work out which parts of your site aren’t working well. User engagement metrics give you an indication of what users like about your site, and more importantly what they don’t like.

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The Importance of Maintaining “Scent” for CRO

You’ve probably seen the CRO case studies that have touted insane conversion lifts from simply changing the text on a button or the background color of a product page. This is not a blog post about that sort of test. I don’t doubt that the subconscious makes associations with colors and button text, and if your site has the traffic to play with these ideas, give it a go. But there’s a less subtle aspect of CRO that’s much easier to control and predict.

Entrance or “Scent” CRO

Consistency of the “scent” is enormously important. If your paid advertisement, referring external page, or organic SERP headline promises something that the landing page doesn’t provide, well, that’s a recipe for a quick bounce. That’s why it’s helps to try and control the events that lead to an entrance so that entrants aren’t surprised by the content of your pages.

Why is this important?

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Why the Best Time to Start Conversion Rate Optimization is NOW

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) has been getting plenty of attention lately in the web marketing space, for good reason. Testing platforms have become cheaper and easier to use, Panda has led to an increased interest in providing a good user experience, and it has proven to provide fantastic ROI time and time again. I’m going to talk about some reasons why I think you should be considering CRO right now.

It’s January

How many times?!

Now that the holiday season is over we’ll see code freezes lifted and the web team asking, “What’s in store for our site in 2012?”. While grand redesigns and marketing promotions are being bandied about, you should probably make sure to speak up about CRO.

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5 Great Conversion Rate Case Studies

CRO, as you may already know, is a powerful tool for maximising the returns on your online marketing spend.  It would be short sighted to plough budget into your SEO, PPC, or email marketing, for example, if you’re not focusing on what’s happening once your would-be customers actually reach your site.

However, it requires some investment - this could be time to manage CRO projects, paying for tools, design time for new page variations, development time to set up tests, and potentially the cost of deeper reaching changes to the way that your business operates.  Justifying this additional budget can be difficult for relatively new and unknown marketing techniques, so I’ve picked out some examples below that could be used to illustrate the benefits of CRO to senior management or your clients.

1. Basecamp Homepage

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