A Blogger is Not a One Night Stand

Dear brands / PRs / outreachers,

I’ve had a fair few relationships with your type now. After a year on the blogging market, I’ve been pitched to by hundreds of you – some good, some bad and some definitely ugly. I’m not naive and I’m in this for the same reasons as you. These things can be mutually beneficial but we’ve gotta figure out a few things first.

1. Do your research

First and foremost, find out my name. I run my blog with a friend and we’re always being referred to as ‘girls’ or (somewhat worse) ‘ladies’. They both make me do a little sick in my mouth. Sure, when we’ve been going a while call me whatever you like (within reason) but for initial contact, get my name right. Check my blog and failing that, have a look at Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. In other words, be a good stalker! A little effort goes a long way. You REALLY want me, remember? Make me feel like you think I’m special (even if you don’t).

2. Get your pitch right

This is a hard one to advise because personal is best. You’re all different and your pitches should reflect that. After all, why would I want to get to know a bunch of people who are all the same? Variety, life, spices – you get the picture. In general though, show me that you know what I’m about, that you’ve done your research and think we’d genuinely be a good fit for each other. If it turns out we’re not a great match, remember there are plenty of bloggers in the sea and I promise there will be some who you will be compatible with – don’t waste your time with me, find them.

3. Keep in touch

So you got over the first two hurdles. Congratulations. We liked what you gave us and we’d be interested in doing it again. We may have even gone public and told our followers about your GREAT content/product/company. We’ve been spreading the word but you’re not getting back to us. Where’s the tweet? Where’s the love? In the words of TOWIE, we’re being ‘mugged off’. (Anyone else watch TOWIE? Anyone...?)

Now is not the time to go cold.

We’ll be useful to you again and vice versa, we can almost guarantee it. You’ve already done the groundwork and there’s really no point throwing that all away. We genuinely love getting to know you so show us that you also care. Tweet us every now and then, email us, send us something in the post or take us out for coffee. It’s the little things.

Yes, it’s a tough market out there and yes, there are thousands of you to compete with but you’ll be surprised at how many of you just don’t get it. We WANT to work with you, remember? Just follow these three steps and you’ll have a whole host of bloggers wanting to spend time with you again and again.

Trust us, we like to please.



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