The Distilled Way

What Makes us Different

TL;DR – we care about making a difference to the businesses of our clients.

At Distilled we do things a bit differently: we aren’t just focused on short term wins, we focus on how we can influence change within our client organisations and add value to their business in the long term.

This is key for us, as we do not just think of the SEO wins. We ask ourselves “How we can add tangible business value?” This could be helping build an in-house team, putting in place internal systems and processes, training their existing teams, or doing whatever else it takes (SEO or not) to add value to their business.

Within Distilled there is a rich culture of values and memes, and these aren’t just used between our teams or within the four walls of our offices – they drive the decisions and actions we take on client projects. We can summarise them as -

  • Take Ownership
  • Communication Solves all Problems
  • Getting Close to Clients
  • Influencing Change
  • Hustle

Take Ownership

When you sign onto a project with Distilled, your first point of contact is the person who does the work and manages all the tasks the other teams at Distilled do.

This makes them accountable for their work and the results you get. It also means we don’t have account managers who slow down the process of getting stuff done.

We have the experience to know that every project will hit a problem at some point or another, but at the heart of every successful project is good communication. Emails don’t solve problems when these snags occur, so our Consultants are encouraged to take ownership of the problem, ensure a solution is found, and to think creatively to make everyone as happy as can be.

Communication Solves all Problems

We are not the kind of SEO company where you only hear from us once a month at report time. If we work with you on a project, we make sure we speak to you at least once a week and where possible, will try and work with your team in your office.

We used to be one of those companies that only used email. That was until Tom invented the Phone Ninjas game which awarded points for client calls. Seems like Sam and Paddy loved getting points:

Getting Close to Clients

We don’t feel that relationships with clients are limited by office hours; in fact we often go to social events with clients which can be the pub, it can be dinner or their in-house staff party.

Whilst maintaining a good working relationship is important, getting to know our clients on a personal level and been very beneficial to projects – plus going to the pub is fun :)

“I suddenly found that my happiest clients were the ones I’d been for a pint with after work” – Paddy Moogan

Influencing Change

Documents are not the deliverable – change is the deliverable. We don’t want to spend our time or your money producing 100 page documents that never get read and never get actioned. For us, this will not move the needle for our clients.

Something we use to measure the success of a project is the amount of change we were able to affect. Our most successful projects are ones where we have been able to affect change high up in an organisation.

Change is hard, but is often necessary to make a real difference in real businesses.

This doesn’t mean to say we do not set short term targets and take advantage of quick wins when we see them, but our goal is always on the bigger picture – how do we affect change within a company which moves the needle.

Keyword research doesn’t do this. Link building doesn’t do this. Competitor analysis doesn’t do this.

These SEO tasks can help towards long term change and are important, but if they do not influence change even at the lowest level, the work will be wasted.

This is what makes us different, we care about making a difference to our clients.


Sometimes you just have to get your head down and get shit done. The combination of everything above helps with this, particularly working onsite with clients where you can be in the same room with the right people who can help you.

At Distilled we refer to Hustle and Getting Shit Done all the time because we understand that there is no point in meetings with no actions, strategies that don’t get executed, or documents that are all fluff and no action.

We believe in doing stuff that makes a difference and if that means using a bit of hustle to get the right people together and making stuff happen, then we’ll do what we can to make that happen.