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A Beginner’s Guide to TV Advertising

In the middle of last year, I began the research that would ultimately lead to me giving a presentation at “Distilledathon” (our company conference) about my vision for the future of marketing.

I have long believed that the skills our teams have developed - guided by a deep-seated desire to build our clients’ businesses - were becoming more powerful.

Mark Suster Changed My Thinking

We originally got into search as a way of building our clients’ businesses effectively. In recent years, we’ve pushed hard to define the way we do search marketing with a heavy emphasis on the marketing. In September last year, I travelled to San Diego for our Searchlove conference and watched Mark Suster give a presentation that has had more impact on my thinking than any other presentation I remember.

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Your TV is Just Another Screen

Superbowl fans

With the Superbowl just around the corner, we thought it was a great time to start talking about the role TV advertising plays in our vision of the future of marketing.

Over the next month, Distilled is publishing a series of articles on this topic along with a detailed report on the impact we believe it will have on digital. You can tune into the full report over here

I’d be shocked if there is a marketer on the planet who hasn’t been following the growth in mobile but over the last 6 months I’ve been starting to think that the battle for the biggest screens in our homes may be more disruptive to marketing than the battle for the smallest screens.

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What Better Way to Say Happy Holidays...

...than ducks in hats. Let’s all get into the festive spirit with this little something from the creative team. 

Thanks for a great year, everybody! We look forward to sharing more videos, guides, blogs and other fun content in the New Year. 

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If you had a ticket to BlueglassX LA you can come to Searchlove Boston for free

Many of you will be aware of the sad demise of Blueglass Interactive. I don’t have inside information and I’m not about to speculate on what happened.

It is now clear, however, that the upcoming BlueglassX conference in LA (scheduled for the 21st and 22nd May) is not happening.

I imagine that some people may be able to get refunds for ticket purchases via their credit card companies, but I also imagine there are others who are going to be left out of pocket. I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help out those people.

We have a conference scheduled in Boston at almost the same time as BlueglassX was planned - ours is the 20th and 21st May (Searchlove Boston). If you had bought a ticket to the cancelled BlueglassX, can be in Boston instead of LA and are going to be left out of pocket by the cancellation, I’d like to invite you to Searchlove Boston free of charge.

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5 email marketing tips I’ve found useful

Email marketing is one of those things that I never set out to do. In the early days of Distilled (much like the book-keeping, tax returns, and general admin) it was my job simply because someone had to do it.

We started small - emailing the dozens of people who came to our early events. A few years ago we decided to work to grow our list more actively - I distinctly remember working with one of our early interns on the campaign that took us past 500 subscribers.

Free video trio

The first big thing we did was to create a reason people might actually want to hear from us frequently. Our first attempt at that was our monthly free video email - something that a little over half our list has opted-in to receive.

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