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Internet Trends for Marketers

Last week I gave a talk entitled Internet Trends for Marketers at our free meet-up in London (sign up here if you would like to hear about the free meet-ups we run).

Since I’m aware that not everyone can make it to London for a meet-up, I thought I would revisit the same talk in a G+ Hangout on Air. You can watch the recording on YouTube.

If you’d prefer to discuss it in the comments, read on...

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Sign up for DistilledU and get all our conference videos included

Too much to read? The news I’m really excited to share is that anyone who signs up for a paid DistilledU account in December (at the existing $40 / month price point) will get access to all our conference videos past and future as long as they stay a paid member.

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This post is kind of in two parts:

What video in DistilledU means

We’ve filmed every conference we’ve ever run. The first couple (PRO SEO trainings 2009 and 2010 - what a name!) were joint productions with SEOmoz and they own the video rights. Since then the rest are ours and we’ve made the video available to stream and download in our store.

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Why your CRO tests fail

I’ve been running some A/B tests on the Distilled website recently. It was the first time I’ve had my hands dirty in the data for a little while and the tests weren’t doing what I was expecting them to do.

I found, for example, that winning variants would routinely underperform when we rolled them out to live.

I’d been trying not to overthink the problem (I often get called a stats wonk) and simply to trust the tools at my disposal and follow common practices:

  • I had a user objection I was targeting
  • I had a reason for believing my B might outperform my A
  • I trialled a significant change
  • I ran standard software
  • I sought a 95% confidence level

It was only after getting some strange results and digging deeper into the statistics that I discovered how dangerous this was.

Do you pay any attention to the blend of traffic hitting your A/B tests?

If not, it’s very likely that you are inadvertently running much weaker tests than you thought.

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A responsive new design for the Distilled blog

You might remember that I wrote a few weeks ago about designing for readability. I wrote that essentially as a brief, and today you get to see the results of Richard Westenra’s hard work since then.

Readable design

In my opinion, he’s done a superb job. I’m very excited for you all to see it. (Also - shout out to our product owner Tom Neville who let us push it live on a Friday afternoon - thanks Tom!).

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Designing for readability - a priority if you want to be read

Update: this whole post was a precursor to the redesign of our own blog. You can read more about the resulting redesign here.

We write content all the time that we really hope you won’t read. Don’t bother reading the testimonials - click on the button:

Don't read the testimonial, enroll instead

Other times, though, we reallyreally want you to read what we’re writing. Like now, for example. The primary goal of most blog posts is to be read (closely followed by shared).

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