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Show off your DistilledU badges on

DistilledU is our search marketing university that delivers online training and tests for all levels. Why not try out the free demo today?

For our latest DistilledU feature, we’ve connected DistilledU to the Badge system. Inbound is a popular inbound marketing community and their users can now show off their DistilledU membership and achievements after passing tests with a certain score. Here are the badges you can unlock:

DistilledU Member

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A Tachetastic Movember

In recent weeks, amidst chatter about economic decline, you are likely to have noticed a sharp increase in Global TPC. This rise in TPC (for the layman; Tache Per Capita) is due to an annual phenomenon called Movember. This annual event sees many men, who would normally take a razor to their faces on a daily basis, make a foray into upper lip heroics in order to raise money for charity.

By growing, or striving to grow, a moustache for the month of November these noble fellows draw admiring glances from friends, family and passers-by. Often this leads to an inquiry as to why the owner of the aforementioned upper lip warrior might be embarking on such an endeavour. Common lines of enquiry include, but are not limited to:

“Man, that is a freaking sweet tache, why did you only just start growing it now?!”,

“My word that is a fine specimen, how did you come to possess it?

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