Tom Neville

Product Owner

Tom is responsible for taking an unstructured bunch of ideas from our consultants and his own research, then turning them into prototypes, processes, tools and products to enable Distilled to scale the business.

Externally the products include our online university DistilledU, our online store and the main Distilled website and its various training resources. Internally his products revolve around project and financial reporting, managing freelancers, outsourcing and building a toolbox of products that help make our SEO teams more effective.

Tom came to Distilled from a background of web based entrepreneurism and technology consultancy. In his role he is able to indulge his passion for developing new ideas, technology and getting things done in a culture that thoroughly suits him.

You might expect Tom to posses a computer science degree, but you’d be wrong. A degree in Classics saw him studying ancient Greek and Latin, two dead languages that he claims are very relevant to the world of cutting edge technology.

He has a love for nearly all things technology – including music (of the electronic variety), gadgetry and photography – but an (ir)rational hatred of all things Apple. He also likes travelling, skiing and having a good old monkey around (having fun, that is, not being in the company of a well-mannered, aged ape).