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10 Years of SearchLove and Rand Fishkin: Free Video Edition

2019 marks 10 years of Distilled hosting conferences. For those that are more recent to our conferences, you’ll know them as SearchLove. For those that have been our friends, attendees, speakers & sponsors for longer,  you might remember the days of LinkLove and ProSEO. One or two might even remember an event in the crypt of a church with only one or two speakers and a couple of dozen delegates from even longer ago. A good number of you might already have your tickets booked to join us in Boston in June.

In that time we have:

  • Had over 200 speakers
  • Hosted thousands of attendees from every continent around the world (except Antarctica)
  • Run our conference in London, San Diego, Boston (and in the past New York and New Orleans)

Making the Best Conference Possible

For each of those conferences, we’re always aiming to select the best speakers we can find, and when they take to the stage the competition is fierce to achieve the best possible speaker score.

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Distilled seeking less experienced speakers for SearchLove Boston 2019

Over the past 8 or 9 months, you might have heard us talking about the SearchLove community speaker sessions. These are the opportunity to speak for 20-minute in front of 200+ people that we ran at our London and San Diego conferences, delivered by a group of relatively new speakers. Each speaker received support and coaching by the Distilled team, with the aim of giving them a platform to showcase their knowledge, talent and opinions.


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Your brand’s next social media platform — Spotify

Spotify’s launch in 2008 took the music listening world by storm; with 71 million paying listeners and 101 million ad-based listeners, it is clear that your brand needs to be reaching out to this audience, and I’m here to tell you how.  

Music has always been a point of connectivity between human beings. Whether it’s a trip to the record store, a heartfelt burned CD, or a custom playlist—people are always wanting to know what other people are listening to. In the age of social media, people are finding this same connection between large brands and influencers, opening up the opportunity for businesses to engage with their consumers on a deeper level. Consider Spotify as your next platform to engage with your followers on, and keep reading to find out how you can and why you should.

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What We Learned in July 2018: The Digital Marketing Month in a Minute

Daily Mail, Topshop, Argos flagged as ‘not secure’ in Google Chrome

The latest version of Google Chrome (Chrome 68 went live on the 23rd of July) displays security warnings for websites that still use HTTP. As of July 2018, approximately 20% of the top 500 websites worldwide utilise HTTP. Multi-million brands like Daily Mail, Topshop, Argos, Sky Sports and many more seem to have not switched to HTTPS yet, risking losing customers at the expense of secure competitor websites.

Read our blog to learn how to perform an emergency HTTPS migration using Distilled’s ODN and avoid the security warning.

Read the full story (BBC)

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SearchLove London 2018 Community Speakers Announced

SearchLove London 2018 - Will Critchlow and Kirsty Hulse

Dim the lights and start the drum roll: the time has finally come to reveal the first ever SearchLove community speakers. Our blurry-eyed events team have come out of their top secret room having watched hours of footage from over 50 excellent applicants, and are ready to share their chosen three.

So, the wait is over and we are proud to announce that our community speakers are (in alphabetical order), Andi Jarvis, Luke Carthy and Laura Hogan. We are stoked to have all three on board and can’t wait to get them into Distilled HQ to work on their presentations, and then get them on stage in front of 400 or so people at SearchLove London.


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