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4 Reasons Why SEO Courses Aren’t Taught in College and How to Learn It On Your Own

This is a post from our New York consulting intern Samiha Huque. For the past year Samiha has been juggling her time at college and working at Distilled. Samiha is now an alumna of St. John’s University, where she studied Marketing.

Samiha, take it away.

As a college student, you’ve probably noticed that you don’t have very many options for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) courses. During my undergrad experience I’ve had only one class even mention SEO—but after my internship at Distilled, I learned these four reasons why it’s not taught in college.

1. The industry is always changing

SEO is always changing—sometimes even a couple times a year. Why? Because Google is always improving.

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What We Learned in April 2018: The Digital Marketing Month in a Minute

John Giannandrea, chief of search at Google hired by Apple

In a move that is being seen as a victory for Apple, the tech giant has appointed John Giannandrea, the now former chief of search and artificial intelligence at Google, to lead its AI efforts. Apple has made the move in a bid to close the gap between Siri and digital assistants from both Google and Amazon, an area where Apple is considered to be lagging behind their competitors.

Giannandrea will be heading up machine learning and A.I. strategy at Apple and will be reporting directly to chief executive, Tim Cook.  He joined Google back in 2010 following the purchase of Metaweb where he had been working as chief technology officer. Metaweb was described as a “database of the worlds knowledge” and has been a building block for Google in providing direct answers to user queries in search results such as “How tall is Beyonce?”

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What We Learned in March 2018: The Digital Marketing Month in a Minute

87 Million Facebook Profiles Harvested by Cambridge Analytica

March has possibly been the toughest month for Facebook since it was created 14 years ago. Whistleblowers revealed how the social media giant had shared data with Cambridge Analytica, the data analytics firm behind successful presidential and Brexit campaigns. The data they gathered was then used to develop software and allegedly influence choices at the ballot box.

This saga is still ongoing with Mark Zuckerberg due to stand before Congress in April.

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SearchLove San Diego 2018 Round Up

2018 was our fifth year in San Diego for SearchLove and what a blast it was. This year we hit a couple of personal milestones: selling our 5,000th SearchLove ticket and San Diego was completely sold out for the third year in a row. SearchLove San Diego 2018 saw 200 people in one room from all over the world including USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Australia and more, all united to watch some of the leading speakers in digital marketing take to the stage. Let’s see what they had to show us!

Dana DiTomaso - From Organization-Centric to Customer-Centric

  • Goals that are often set by management encourage marketers to be reporting the wrong metrics such as email signups, bounce rate and time on site.
  • Always think about the users’ needs and use those to shape your marketing goals.

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What mathematics can teach us about email marketing?

This is a guest post from Christian Højbo Møller. Christian is educationally an economist but has spent most of his time being a marketer. Although he is specialized in SEO, he has been working with Owned Media as a discipline for many years. He is very data-driven and has an excellent head for math, which makes his view and points on email marketing specialist.

Christian, take it away.

Mathematics is a fantastic but difficult thing.

If you have ever seen the movie Moneyball, with Brad Pitt, then you must also have had the feeling that formulas, metrics and equations can explain things that we, as humans, have great difficulty unravelling ourselves.

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