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Getting To Grips With Google Tag Manager

Arrive at the Google Tag Manager home page and you are presented with the message “Digital Marketing Made (Much) Easier”. Whilst this is true for long term project and tag management, the initial learning curve for Google Tag Manager can be somewhat... frustrating.

Documentation from Google is at present somewhat confusing, yet this is obviously something Google is going to be looking to dedicate more time to in the future as suggested by the extra focus on Google Tag Manager in the new version of the GAIQ Exam.

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4 Tools To Gather User Feedback

As search marketers we invest a lot of time and effort in driving traffic to our sites. Our ultimate goal is to turn this traffic into conversions, yet quite often we prevent our users from doing just that.

When we approach Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) many of us leap in head first. We make lots of assumptions about what’s wrong with the site messaging and/or purchase funnel, and whilst we might be right, we run the risk of getting things very wrong indeed.

What we actually need to do is take a step back, find out what the site’s users think. Do they love the site, or hate the site? What do they think we should doing better?

I’ve spent some time testing several tools that gather this sort of user feedback and here are handful that I recommend to getting started.

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