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How to Turn Your PR Team Into SEOs


At Distilled, we often choose to work directly with our client’s PR team. Why? Because we gain valuable insights into a company’s existing marketing strategy from their PRs. After all, PRs have first-hand knowledge on which campaigns have been successful and which have not. Thus, they have the ability to tell us what they have learned from these past experiences, so that we won’t invest time and effort reinventing the wheel or recommending a strategy that they already know they don’t want to pursue.


Don’t make things more complicated. Do use existing resources.

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The Value of Benchmark Reports


Measuring the ROI of SEO can be challenging. Here at Distilled, we’ve found that creating a solid benchmark report that is specifically tailored to the client’s needs helps with this process. However, benchmark reports shouldn’t just be used in agencies, but are also useful in-house, especially when demonstrating the value of your work or when you want to make a business case for a specific change to the site, such as to the site’s information architecture.

KPIs and Building a Benchmark Report

One of the first metrics that we request from our clients is their KPIs or key performance indicators, which are the metrics that they track and consider valuable. For example, most of our e-commerce clients track revenue growth.

After receiving the client’s KPIs, we use that knowledge to build a benchmark report, which report upon the metrics the clients can then use to track and measure the success of our work together.

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E-Commerce Challenges: Indexation Issues

One of the many challenges of working on e-commerce sites is simply dealing with the sheer number of pages that exist for these sites. In addition, most of the recommendations need to be slightly automated and definitely scalable, as changing each individual product page is incredibly time-consuming and not efficient. Below are some of the common issues that I’ve encountered when dealing with indexation issues on e-commerce sites and some of my recommended solutions.

Similar Product Pages

Many of the pages often contain duplicate content, whether it be from duplicate titles and/or duplicate content on the site for very similar product pages. For example, these two products that were sold on Amazon are incredibly similar and almost identical (over 95% identical).

Duplicate Descriptions

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History of StumbleUpon: From Startup to Influential Social Media Site [Infographic]

Here at Distilled, we’ve often taken a keen interest in startups and how they have evolved overtime. One that we and many of the SEOs in our community have utilized is StumbleUpon, a free social media services site that’s purpose is to help users discover new sites.

History of StumbleUpon

We’ve created this infographic to illustrate some of the highlights of StumbleUpon’s success story.

History of StumbleUpon

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Review of Google’s Real-Time Analytics

Introduction to Google Analytics Real-Time

Yesterday, Google announced the launch of Google Analytics Real-Time,  which provides users with access to information about what is happening on their website(s) right now. This tool provides owners with information about which of their content or pages are popular and is especially beneficial for data that can immediately affect site metrics, such as with social media (ex: Twitter).  

Tour of Real-Time

What does Real-Time look like and how can you use it for your website(s)? For starters, it appears on the dashboard. 

Google Analytics Real-TimeClicking on “Overview” will provide information about how many users are on your site right now, the number of page views per minute/per second, the top referrals to your site, the top active pages, the top keywords, and the top locations.

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