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JSON-LD in Real Life: Understanding and Implementing Structured Data

Chances are, you’ve already heard of JSON-LD — you might even be using it already. Kudos to you if that’s the case. If you haven’t heard of it, I’d urgently recommend you to read up on what is becoming an ever-more important part of SEO. Its increasing importance is down to its selection as Google’s structured data approach of choice, as it’s more flexible than microdata and more easily maintainable in the long run.

What do I mean by more flexible? Put simply, JSON-LD lets you place all your structured data between a special pair of <script> tags in the <head> of the HTML, much as you would with Google Analytics tracking snippets or canonical tags. No more bugging your developers to make simple changes. Compared to the old ways of adding structured data, that’s a big improvement.

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Getting Started with .htaccess: a Guide for SEOs

As an SEO, you’ll almost definitely have strayed upon an Apache configuration or .htaccess file at some point. We’re frequently giving recommendations to clients over duplicate content and redirects, but the implementation itself can seem intimidating and complex. While there’s definitely a learning curve if you want to really master .htaccess, I think it’s enough for most SEOs just to have a rough idea of what they’re looking at. This blog post won’t turn you into an expert, but it should leave you a little more confident when talking with your clients or developers, or looking over their Apache configurations. You’ll be more able to understand what you should be looking at, what the different redirects actually look like, and a sense of how difficult or easy they are to implement.

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