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The Future of Search

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!

Sorry...had to be done. I’m here at eConsultancy’s Future of Digital Marketing conference where our very own Mr Will Critchlow is presenting his thoughts on the Future of Search. As the chances of all of our readers actually being in this conference room with me is rather small, I’ve taken it upon myself to sum up Will’s talk so you don’t miss a thing.

And you don't want to miss a thing. And you don’t want to miss a thing.

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SearchLove London 2012 - First Day Play by Play

Good morning everyone and welcome to the 2012 London SearchLove! We’ve got a beautiful line up of speakers for you today all brought to you by me through the medium of the Distilled Blog. If you couldn’t be here today, first why not?, do you not like me or something? And second, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can also follow all the action on Twitter at #searchlove.

It looks to be a full house in the Congress Centre. Nary an empty chair in site so let’s get started!

First off the bat is our very own Duncan with the conference introduction. Let’s see what he’s got.

Last year there were 500 Google updates. That’s pretty full on but was it all bad?

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Talking SEO to the tech-indifferent

Sometimes the biggest challenge we face as SEOs is actually getting a project off the ground and gaining internal buy in. Sadly, not everyone “gets” SEO or why it can be important for a business. Luckily, working in sales over the years has taught me that sometimes the best way to get someone excited about something is to compare it to something they love. This isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish but with a little creative thinking, it can be done.

So to celebrate the start of the 2011 baseball season, and because as an American in London I very rarely get to talk about the game, I’d like to share with you some key points where baseball and SEO are very comparable. To our British readers, please bear with me on this one, and I promise to brush up on my British-ness and put together a future cricket/football/rugby version to share.

Count Everything!

SEOs analyse everything. It’s the core way of keeping track of how a site is preforming.

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What to look forward to in The Big Easy

As an American living in London, there are certain things about the upcoming Link Building Seminar in New Orleans that I know we at Distilled are really looking forward to.  Those of you already coming along may be excited about some of the same things we are, and for those who have yet to sign up, here is a small list of some big wins you might miss out on.

NOLA WIN: Coffee and Donuts

Now before you say, “Coffee and donuts! You can get that anywhere in the world!”, let me explain something: Cafe Du Monde is not just any place in the world. They don’t just serve any “coffee” they serve Dark Roasted Chicory coffee. And these aren’t just any donuts, they are Beignets. Three squares of fried doughy heaven covered in an avalanche of powdered sugar. For breakfast, lunch, dessert or as a night cap after an evening on the town.

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