Shannon Skinner


Shannon is a self-proclaimed data geek, who came to Distilled from the non-profit world. While working at a community health center in New York City for several years managing an HIV testing program, she discovered a love of data, and a facility in managing it, and found Distilled to be a place that she could explore and grow that interest & skillset further. She is curious about understanding the mechanics behind people's motivation, and gets seriously excited about interesting data sets and getting the story out of the data. 

Shannon is originally from Chapel Hill, NC (go Tar Heels!), where she studied Religion at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before moving to NYC. She enjoys running, occasional improv theater, brunch and exercising her Spanish-speaking skills. She also greatly enjoys traveling and tries to do it whenever she has the opportunity, particularly to warm climates or places where she can visit with global friends.