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A Beginner’s Guide to Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager has come a long way since its release in 2012. Throughout the years, the interface terminology has changed, and additional features have been added that make it much easier to use. Tim Allen’s previous post on “Getting to Grips with Google Tag Manager” gives a great introduction for the 2014 features at a time when GTM was more difficult for beginners. But now many features have been condensed and simplified, such as “Tags, Rules and Macros” which is now “Tags, Triggers, and Variables.”

So how do you use Google Tag Manager in 2019? I’ll take you through how to create a tag that will help you track user behavior on your site and go through some of the newest features GTM has now built in for user friendliness and accessibility.

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A Simple Approach to Optimizing Website Internal Linking Structure

Having a great internal linking strategy is essential for a website’s success, both for user experience and for SEO. The ranking and indexing of a site depend on a number of factors, the layout of site’s structure via main navigation and on-page internal linking being some of the most important aspects of optimization. Consideration of a site’s number and authority of backlinks also affect how search engines will prioritize pages.

This article is meant to address the issues faced with the distribution of link equity through overall site architecture as it relates to the depth of internal linking within the site. It will also provide a simple methodology to identify sections of the site by category that are either benefiting or suffering from the site’s structure due to the depth of pages and those with backlinks.

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