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Stream, Stream, Stream: A Look at the Current State of TV

Beatles or Stones? VHS or Betamax? Cable TV or Streaming?

What would you say? It is increasingly likely that you will be a ‘streamer’ not a ‘tv-er’, with good reason. Streaming has come a long way in a short time, ‘buffering’ used to be the bleakest of predicaments, stuttering playback and delayed visuals lagging behind the audio, derailing the entire experience. But that was then, today, with the magic of broadband, streaming is easy, hiccups are rare. Today we’re streaming for days, hours and miles, whether it’s watching the first season of Orange is the New Black in one (heady) weekend or Sherlock Holmes back-to-back-to-back.  

We can stream original content that has never been shown on traditional television (House of Cards) or revisit select past seasons of popular television programs that are now available online via Amazon Instant Video or Netflix (Californication: still filthy, still entertaining, still available).

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How Users Consume News Online: Insights from The Reuters Institute Digital News Report

My last blog post explored the future of news, using ideas and data from a lecture and the Reuters Institute’s Digital New Report 2013. This post examines the report data on a more granular level, and provides actionable insights for consultants, editors and publishers alike, on how they should incorporate the data when researching their target audience and personas.

We will look at:

  1. News access by device by country and device overlap

  2. Where news is accessed

  3. Popular content formats

  4. Top ways of finding news by age

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The Future of News and how we can apply this to broader content strategy

After attending a lecture at General Assembly on the Future of News, I thought it would benefit SEO consultants, publishers and writers alike to look at some of the ideas and assess how they could be interpreted to benefit broader content creation. This also ties in with a Distilled-level interest in how search is evolving. If you’re interested, take another look at Will Critchlow’s theories about the Future of Search for a quick recap.

As consultants, the idea that we all need to produce good quality content is not new. By using the nuggets of wisdom gleaned from the news lecture, in conjunction with Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report, a familiar dilemma - how to keep producing compelling, engaging content to keep people on your site - is cast in a new light.

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