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PPC & SEO Synergy Part 3: Ad Copy Testing & Quality Score Correlation

Part 3 includes two more synergy ideas, together with a downloadable checklist that you can start using internally. Before reading the post below, I recommend you check part one here and part two here.

The two synergy ideas covered in this post will be focused on the following subjects:

  • PPC ad copy testing for SEO: we recommend taking learnings from your PPC ad copies and start testing your SEO metadata and on-page copy.
  • A direct link between Quality Score and both PPC & SEO channels: we cover an experiment we conducted where we try to validate our hypothesis that QS has a direct impact on PPC but also SEO.

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PPC & SEO Synergy: Landing Page Testing, PPC & SEO Efficiencies

This post is the second of a series of three articles: we intend to cover a series of synergies between SEO and PPC that could help your business/clients run the two channels more efficiently and optimise the overall spending.

Part 2 includes two more synergy ideas which will be focused on the following subjects:

  • Landing page testing: we recommend testing the SEO landing page for instances where SEO & PPC landing pages differ, for the same keyword/s.
  • Strategy when both organic & paid results appear at the same time: we re-create a series of scenarios and recommend what tests to implement in instances where your site appears for organic and paid results for the same keyword/s.

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PPC & SEO Synergy: How to Find Efficiencies Between the Two Channels

This post aims to cover a series of synergies between SEO and PPC that could help your business/clients run the two channels in a more efficient manner and optimise the overall spending.

This post is the first of a series of 3 articles: the last one will include a downloadable checklist.

Part one will cover some basic concepts that are important to reiterate to ensure we are all on the same page (whatever background you have, this post should be simple enough) and 3 synergy ideas that you could try yourself.

PPC and SEO have historically been seen as separate siloes, no matter how much we are trying to think of the opposite. We often see large companies struggle to promote synergies between departments which ultimately impacts knowledge sharing in the industry.

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E-commerce SEO: guide on when to create and optimise new categories pages

Without considering a website’s homepage, category pages on e-commerce sites generate most of your organic traffic - are any of you surprised by this statement? If this comes as a shock, I have bad news: you might need to reconsider your information architecture. If you have done your job right then you have nothing to worry about.

Curious about how much organic traffic category pages actually account for, I decided to dig into the Google Search Console of a client of Distilled which has been a very successful e-commerce site for several years. These were my findings over the past 6 months (at the time of writing, November 2018).

Bear in mind this is just an example that shows a fictitious URL structure for an average e-commerce site - the level of category and subcategory pages often differs between sites.

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Optimizing Pinterest for the Buyer’s Journey

Optimizing Pinterest for the Buyer’s Journey

This is a post written by our Seattle intern, Tammy Yu. Tammy is a recent graduate from the University of Washington who majored in Informatics and is soon to be a full time Distiller. 

According to Pinterest, 72% of survey respondents said Pinterest helps them find ideas for their everyday lives, and 1 out of 2 users have made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin. With 200 million users monthly, Pinterest is becoming a powerful tool for ecommerce retailers to connect with their current and potential consumers. In this post, I highlight the buyer’s journey and suggest ways to optimize each step in the funnel on Pinterest: awareness, consideration, and decision.

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