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Trusting Your Brand in the Hands of a Marketer

 Before I start bashing non-disclosure agreements, I want to caveat my argument by saying that I completely understand their importance in most instances. If you’re a brand about to launch a major product or feature, you want to be able to control the flow of information surrounding the pending release. If you’re marketing a TV show or movie, you want to control how much information is available to the public before they get a chance to see it. Imagine if Variety had a front page article that said [SPOILER ALERT] “Bruce Willis is Dead the Whole Movie” before The Sixth Sense had released in theaters.

I can also understand NDAs from a competitive standpoint. If you have hired a marketing agency to do some great and innovative work, the last thing you want is your competitor finding out what agency you’re working with, so they can inevitably go to them at the end of your contract and say “hey, do all that same awesome stuff for us!”

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Wanna Do My Job For Me? I’ll Return The Favor

Being relatively new to the SEO community, I was shocked to see how helpful even the largest competitors in the industry are with one another. Whether it be sharing a helpful tool, recommending new techniques or discussing strategy, the conversation is open and everyone is welcome; from the biggest names to the newest entrants. We all end up doing better work for our clients when we are willing to help each other out.

There is a scene in the movie Rounders where all the local poker players are in a casino at the same table. Some casual conversation ensues, then two anonymous players sit down at the table, cuing in Matt Damon’s monologue discussing how it is exactly they go about playing the game with one another at the table:

“We’re not playing together, but then again we’re not playing against each other either. It’s like The Nature Channel, you don’t see piranhas eating each other, do you?”

working together but on different teams

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What Bloggers Are Saying About Your PR Pitch

Every PR person hopes for the day when they get the glorious email saying “yes, I’m going to write about your client.” But as any blogger can tell you, most pitches aren’t even opened, let alone read.

In an effort to get a bigger picture around my personal outreach, I spoke with some well-known bloggers on how to establish quality and lasting relationships, and believe even the most experienced outreach/PR folks could use their valuable advice.

The general consensus, as you will read below, is that those of us in the marketing/PR world need to make a better effort at treating online relationships more like real human interaction, not just anonymous emails being spammed out at a rate of several hundred a day. Bloggers are people too, and despite our environment and communication being mostly digital, there is always a person on the other side of the internet connection.

So You Got Your Link:

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