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Why Niche Markets Should Keep Big Websites Up at Night

“Uneasy is the head that wears the crown” – Shakespeare

In his recent Webmaster video, Matt Cutts talks about how to compete in search with other well established brands online:

How on earth are we supposed to compete with them? They rank for everything!

We get a very similar question from a lot of our ecommerce clients, specifically related to trying to compete with the big players (most commonly Amazon).

The answer to that question comes in many forms but most importantly, it probably requires taking a look at the big picture of where the web is today, and a common trend we often see when a major new market emerges (think search engines, eCommerce, social media…). After the big players find their place atop the mountain (Google, Amazon, Facebook), it’s common to see smaller competition crop up, but their differentiator being a more specific target market.

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Can We Write About That? An Interview With Content Strategist Kim Stiglitz

I’m always on the hunt for people who are doing content marketing really well. It’s inspiring to find sites that are taking this whole process to heart. It also acts as a great resource anytime I need to boost my own creativity during this ongoing hunt for the perfect piece of content.

So when I found the Vertical Response blog earlier in the year, I felt like I had hit pay dirt. I wanted to dive in a bit deeper as they have been on point with their investment in high quality and resourceful content that seemed tailored rather well for their audience in the marketing space.

I reached out to Kim Stiglitz, the Content Marketing Director and superhero behind their brand strategy, to understand a bit more about their overall plans and how that reflects on day-to-day tactics.

Hey Kim, thanks for taking the time to do this, can you tell me about yourself?

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Asking “UXperts” — How to Improve Your Landing Pages with @SabinaIdler and @justinmifsud

We’re all “internet” people, right?

We’ve all got a grasp on how everything should work online and know exactly how websites should be designed.

But one thing I have learned over the past four years of working in the “internet world” is that online marketers are always statistical outliers when discussing UX/UI. We are never the average site visitor, and sometimes it can be near impossible to even pretend; it’s too hard to break away from our intricate web browsing habits. Don’t believe me? Ask your mom how she uses the internet and compare this to your own usage. I’m willing to guarantee they’re drastically different.

“Create a great landing page and customers will stay on your site for hours!” is an easy statement to make, but it has also earned it’s fair share of perplexed looks.

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I Want Proof - What’s it Like to Have Your Company on Shark Tank

I love listening to people’s business ideas.

There’s nothing that gets the creativity flowing more than a brainstorming session with some loose concepts and maybe a beer or two.  That’s probably why I love watching ABC’s Shark Tank (for you Brits, it’s the same concept as Dragon’s Den). There is something inspiring (or devastating) about business owners pouring their heart and soul into a pitch in the grand hopes of receiving an investment, or watching their dreams crushed directly in front of them with no criticism spared by Mr. Wonderful.


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Positive Outing: Max Minzer

For those in the Seattle marketing community, the odds are pretty good that you have met Max Minzer (follow on Twitter) at a local meetup in the past year. He’s almost guaranteed to be the first person to introduce himself to everyone in the room as he is always engaged and interacting with everyone he can in the crowd; certainly one of the friendliest guys you will meet.

For everyone else, you may have caught wind of Max’s recent creation, Max Impact, a video interview series, where Max interviews various folks from the SEO and marketing community on topics of interest to all of us. If I were to guess, Max will be a leader in fostering community conversations in 2013

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